Relationship Advice For Men

Have you come across any sort of relationship advice for men that talks about physical perfection?  You know…six-pack abs, a handsome mug and dreamy eyes as a prerequisite to being attractive?

If you have, I want you to purge such thoughts from your brain NOW.

Admittedly these things will give you an edge, but it’s not the REAL secret to building, bone-deep, gut-level attraction.

Women often tell guys they’re after certain characteristics (nice, sensitive, good-looking), but more often than not it’s something else that really gets their attention.

It’s not that they’re actually lying; it’s just that they only ASSUME those things are what really attract them.

So WHAT is the key to sweeping her off her feet, then?

It’s an honest-to-goodness sense of self-assurance which is way more valuable than external things…like a flawless physique or a wallet bursting with money!

All it takes is a quick stroll through the mall to see that there are a lot of strictly ordinary-looking men walking around the damn place with a beautiful woman by their side.

Sure, these guys are seemingly average, but their level of SELF-CONFIDENCE isn’t.

And that’s good news for other men out there because they too can learn the needed skills to become naturally attractive to women – even if they don’t have an Armani suit in their closet or a Porsche in the garage!

In a nutshell: being attractive starts from within, specifically the BELIEFS you have about yourself and the world around you.

For example, if you stopped to consider how many women are living on this planet, you’re less likely to develop an irrational sense of desperation.  Take joy in the fact that there are so many opportunities to meet women that you’ll never run out of chances to fine-tune your inner game.

In effect, you’re more confident because you won’t treat your date like she was the last woman on Earth.  This state of mind keeps you relaxed, less pressured and allows you to give her your full attention.

In short, it just makes you more ATTRACTIVE.

Here’s another piece of useful relationship advice for men: don’t let the setbacks get to you.

Taking those occasional snags in stride may seem easier than done; in the long run however, focusing on the POSITIVE side of things is ultimately more productive.

Remember, you always have the choice to either a) learn from a not-so-pleasant dating experience, or b) throw a pity party and blame the universe.

We all have the power to go with option “b”, which is the path to greater MATURITY.

Is it really productive to waste precious mental energy by gnashing your teeth over a mediocre date?  You can be more constructive by focusing instead on doing better by learning from your mistakes.

When you STOP acting like you’re ENTITLED to success just because you want it, it’s easier to dust yourself off and step up your efforts.  Again, it’s all about being the cool-as-a-cucumber guy that women love.

So always keep an effort to be at your best – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Like I said, you don’t have to be perfect.  Forget all the other relationship advice for men you’ve read – showing women that you’re making the most of what you have is what matters!