David DeAngelo: The Relationship Expert

Sometimes, the best experts on dating and relationships come from the unlikeliest places.

David DeAngelo is one such guy – originally involved in real estate and other unrelated industries, he eventually became interested in learning how to attract women.  He then did his homework by learning about the fundamental concepts of attraction through other established figures such as Ross Jeffries.

After familiarizing himself with the basics, David DeAngelo came into his own by combining this theoretical knowledge with hands-on field testing (i.e. actually approaching women).

Through his experiences, he was able to develop a unique method, employing concepts from both psychology and a specific form of hypnosis known as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Armed with this solid body of field-tested information, David DeAngelo established himself as a dating guru with the release of his seminal book called “Double Your Dating” which has helped millions of men find the woman of their dreams.

Since then, he has come out with a slew of other useful books that focus on improving any guy’s dating life.

What makes David DeAngelo such an effective dating guru is his deep understanding of how attraction works from a woman’s perspective. All of his books and seminars are centered on the basic truth that attracting a woman isn’t done through logic.

His teachings revolve around the knowledge that developing important characteristics (such as high social value and self-confidence) serve as “triggers” in a woman’s mind.

Once these “switches” have been flipped, it will leave a woman with no choice but to be attracted to you.

In the same vein, David DeAngelo emphasizes that having these said traits is way more important than superficial qualities like good looks or wealth.

In effect, he’s given average guys a sporting chance by helping them get around the typical obstacles which usually seem impossible to break through.

The other great thing about David DeAngelo’s technique is how it breaks down the usual myths which only encourage the wrong approach to dating. Oftentimes, men unwittingly devalue themselves from the outset through their spoken and unspoken actions.

Fortunately, David does away with all of this hackneyed behavior through very specific mindsets and techniques which actually empower men.

David’s books and seminars show men how to keep the balance of power in check so that women will perceive them as attractive. After all, you can’t hope to date a woman if she doesn’t see you as an equal at the very least.

David DeAngelo has carved out a successful career by teaching guys how to generate attraction through a variety of both verbal and non-verbal signals. He knows that there’s a lot of stuff that goes under the radar when it comes to dating and David exploits this hidden advantage to the fullest.

As mentioned earlier, there are attraction switches deep within a woman’s brain and his unique brand of advice shows us how to turn them on.

All in all, David DeAngelo has taught men everywhere that it’s possible to trigger the kind of attraction that women feel compelled to have – so compelling in fact, that choice *isn’t* even part of the equation!