How To Attract Women

Have you ever told yourself that you don’t know how to attract women?  Do you want to avoid this self-fulfilling prophecy?

Well, it’s time to break away from this perception and get on the path to greater attraction!

Most guys think that there’s a certain set of keywords or specific mannerisms that will magically make them more attractive.

The truth is, learning how to attract women starts with the simple effort of maintaining basic but helpful mental habits throughout your interactions with them.

Once you get used to approaching women from the right perspective, you’ll be able to naturally attract them without looking like you’re trying too hard.

The first thing to realize is that attractive women are USED to being hit on by guys who often worship the ground they walk on.  The problem with this submissive attitude is that you’re giving away all your power right from the start.

While some women get some gratification from this, DON’T ever think that appealing to her vanity is the same as attracting her.

(Think about all those men who break the ice by buying her a drink.  NOT a good idea!)

The result?  Because of this sycophantic mindset, you’ll inadvertently lower her level of RESPECT for you.

Guys who know how to attract women are aware that they need to project an impression of self-worth.  Doing this is not as hard as you might think.

For starters, an attractive guy always has a definite set of standards that he adheres to.  He’ll only continue pursuing women who more or less fall under his criteria.

Otherwise, he’s not afraid to say “it was nice meeting you” and move on with his life.  You see, putting up with someone you’re not really into is a sign of DESPERATION.

Therefore, being AFRAID to walk away will manifest in your actions, be it with your conversational style (agreeing to everything she says) or in your body language (nervous and fidgety).

Ultimately, it’s this kind of attitude that will disgust the ladies.

Here’s another tip: don’t be afraid to SPEAK UP if a woman gets out of line.  Do you think you’ll be setting up yourself as an attractive guy if you tolerated rudeness?

You shouldn’t hesitate to say something if a woman starts acting like she’s too good for you.  That’s NEVER a good basis for a proper relationship, trust me!

If you think that (respectfully) disagreeing with her is unattractive, just think that it’s even a BIGGER turn-off to keep your opinions on a short leash!

Deep down, quality women are programmed to seek out a mate who has a decent level of social value, so a self-assured attitude greatly helps in this regard.

Remember, it’s more attractive to be a low-key guy who doesn’t need to be the center of attention…

…but at the same time, isn’t willing to compromise his dignity.

In the end, it pays NOT to look like you’re bending over backwards to impress women.  Instead, go for a subtle and modest attitude that gives off an unmistakable vibe of self-confidence.