How to talk to women

Let me tell you straight up that putting a negative vibe isn’t how to talk to women.  I know the prospect of approaching a complete stranger can be intimidating, but if you let this anxiety get to your head, then you’re screwed from the beginning.

Case in point:

You:  Hi, that’s a really interesting necklace.

Her:   Um, yeah, a friend gave it to me.

You: Cool, where was it made though?

Her: (Lethargically) …I dunno, somewhere from Asia probably.

You: Nice, so…you come here often?


Did you notice the lack of positive energy in the conversation?  I know you’re trying to sound like a cool guy by asking her all these questions, but all you’ll get are one-liners at the rate you’re going.

Without anything truly compelling to talk about, the rapport will take a nosedive. In the end, she’ll just be biding her time until she has an excuse to go to the little girls’ room or look for her gal pals.

Maybe there will be circumstances when she’s just not in the mood for small talk.  For all you know, her pet plant just died, or had a bad day at work today.

But even then, guys who know how to talk to women have the ability to snap them out of their little bubble and capture their interest.  Of course, it varies from case to case, but with enough practice you can kick off a nice conversation most of the time.

Although I don’t really recommend having canned material prepared in advance, it is a good idea to at least know how to transition from one topic to another.

Even if it is a good move to ask a woman about something she has on her (a book, her earrings, an odd-looking accessory), this won’t always work.  There will be cases where the girl may not have anything to really justify such a question, so getting her take on a topic is a great alternative.

For example, if you happen to have a friend with you, leave your table and go on to your target.  You might start things off by telling her, “Hey, I just wanted to ask your opinion for a quick sec – my friend and I were debating about something…”

Feel free to insert whatever topic you want.  Women usually love talking about relationships or anything involving emotions…

…so ask her about what she might think about your buddy’s girlfriend giving him crap for keeping pictures of his ex, for instance.

Here’s another tip on how to talk to women: watch your body language.  Like I told you earlier, even if you have stuff to talk about, part of the conversation has to do with the signals you’re sending out.

Remember, you don’t want to bring down the atmosphere by looking nervous or needy.  Therefore, don’t play with your hands, slouch, lean forward to hear her talk or any other un-alpha stuff that will turn her off.

Just because you have an urge to do these things doesn’t mean you have to obey it!

And that’s it for now.  Be sure to check this page from time to time for even more articles!