How To Approach Women

As I’ve said in my other articles, knowing how to approach women is all about creating ATTRACTION right from the beginning.  Otherwise, it’ll be hard to make her see you in a romantic context.

You need to create that long-lasting first impression that’s powerful enough to reside in her consciousness for a considerable amount of time.  And it’s not rocket science, either.

All you need is to stick to some pretty basic stuff and make a habit out of these things in order to increase your chances of success.

First of all, you have to understand that by nature, women are programmed to filter out the losers who could put her in harm’s way.  Back in the old days when living in small tribes was the norm, the world was a harsh place.

Basic survival was obviously a big priority back then because there were a lot of threats literally waiting for them outside the confines of their small community.  So it made perfect sense for a woman to pair up with a guy who has a high capacity for survival.

This was someone that could bring home the bacon for the family while fending off looming dangers like wild animals or unscrupulous tribe members.

However, women today still have these same cautious instincts hardwired into their brains despite the fact that we live in a time where they’re more than able to look after themselves.

So what does this have to do with learning how to approach women?  Simple – you need to project a TRUSTWORTHY impression, whether or not she’s interested in a long-term relationship.

Now, you can’t say outright that you’re NOT going to hurt her or leave her high and dry eventually.  It’ll only make her all the more defensive!

Instead, trust can be established through unspoken qualities, like self-confidence.  When you act calm and collected, your attitude will encourage her to feel the same.

Taking the lead with a cool head and confident demeanor will put her at ease because like it or not, she’ll be taking cues from you.  Attitudes are contagious, remember that!

Let’s get into another aspect on how to approach women – forging a bond with her also involves validating her thoughts and opinions.  Don’t mistake this for sucking up to her, though.

It’s more of making her feel that you understand where she’s coming from.  Accepting the things that are important to a woman is an excellent way to establish that all-important rapport with her.

This doesn’t entail that you should act like her clone; there just has to be some point where you’ll meet her halfway.

For instance, if she mentions how crazy her workday can get as a freelance photographer, you can respond with a story which contains the same themes as hers.

Even if you’re more of the corporate guy working at the office, you can still relate your own experiences wherein you also feel the pressure to succeed.  In spite of your different circumstances, both of you can stand on enough common ground.

Simple but effective, right?

It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to understand women.  All you really need is to take the time to pay attention to these fundamental aspects of dating and use them to your advantage!