Why You Should Get Back Together with Your Ex

Why You Should Get Back Together with Your Ex

By Brad Browning
From The Ex Factor Guide

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Why You Should Get Back Together with Your Ex

Have you been lately thinking of getting back with your Ex?

Have you heard your friends telling you stuff like, “Your ex is your ex for a reason or Oh my god! You should never get back together with your ex.”?

Today, I’m going to explain few reasons why you should get back together with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Some relationships just aren’t worth saving and occasionally you know a person simply might have no chance of actually winning their ex back in the first place.

Usually and I’m sure many of you watching this video can relate, a relationship will begin perfectly, it’ll be full of passion you know the couple will be madly in love, share an intimate connection and really just want to spend every waking moment together.

But then gradually, you know over time things start to slide downhill but the key here is that most relationships were great in the early stages right, I mean you found a compatible partner, you fell in love and you built a close connection.

It doesn’t happen easily or often so you don’t just fall in love with anyone right we’ve all been on terrible first dates and you know been in short short-lived relationships that had no future.

Developing an actual intimate bond with somebody falling in love that’s actually really a relatively rare thing. Most relationships or flings really are going to fizzle out long before they get to that more serious stage.

If finding a soul mate was so easy and you were compatible with just about anyone in the opposite sex then we’d probably all be married to the person we went on our first date with, right?

You had a great relationship with your ex at some point in the past right? So you know that you’re compatible and you have the ability to love one another but somewhere along the way things unraveled and the relationship went downhill.

What if you realize you know what went wrong and you knew how to avoid it next time. If you and your ex were to get a second chance at love, a fresh start from scratch and this time you could get it right the first time around, then why couldn’t the relationships stay healthy and lead to a happy lifetime together?

That’s why I think it’s really dumb to say you know you broke up for a reason I mean that may be true but most of the time it’s not actually a good reason.

Jealousy, infidelity, neediness, physical distance, culture, disapproving family and friends.

There’s a ton of reasons and things that can kill a great relationship that don’t really qualify as good reasons for ending the relationship.

Sometimes the breakup can even be, caused by a simple misunderstanding or a false rumor and none of those things are really good reasons to not get back together with someone who you happen to know you’re already really totally compatible with because you’ve already had a past history and a happy relationship in the past.

Of course you can’t just go back to the to the relationship the way it was right before the breakup, right? You don’t want to jump back into the same situation, only to find yourself heartbroken all over again when you get dumped again in a few months’ time.

But if you can start fresh, if you can bring back that spark that you had early in the relationship and avoid making the same mistakes again then you’ve got a really good shot at living happily ever after and rebuilding a healthy relationship.

And of course, if you don’t try if you don’t put in the effort who knows how long it will take before you find somebody who’s equally compatible and right for you.

Here are scenarios were getting your ex back may not actually be a good option.

  • If you never really built a real connection with your ex, if the relationship never actually felt right or if there wasn’t that romantic spark, if you just didn’t have much of a relationship to begin with then obviously that there’s no sense trying to win back your ex.
  • If your ex was physically, emotionally or verbally abusive in other words if your ex was violent and treated you like garbage then you need to walk away and don’t give it a second thought.
  • If they’ve cheated on you multiple times and they appear to have no real regret or no they’re not really willing to put in the effort to change and to not do that again in the future.  Most of the time, cheating is just a stupid mistake that people only make once and that probably shouldn’t stop you from at least thinking about getting back together with him or her.  But there are you know a small group of people out there in this world who basically just can’t remain faithful and you’re just setting yourself up for future heartache if you get back together with an ex like that the kind of you know the kind of ex that’s going to be a serial cheater or have constant infidelity issues in the future relationship.
  • If there’s no real realistic way to make the relationship work in the long term.  See I’ve worked with some clients who live across the world from their partner and long-distance relationships are perfectly fine for a while but there needs to be a point where you’re going to be able to physically live in the same place together at the same time and basically just relationship can’t be long-distance forever.

If it seems highly unlikely that you’ll ever be able to realistically permanently live together then you really need to think long and hard about whether you want to jump back into that kind of scenario or that kind of relationship.

And if this is the billionth time that you and your ex have broken up, I mean you probably know the kind of couples that I’m talking about who just constantly break up, get back together.

Sometimes you might be able to break that cycle by employing some of the techniques that I mentioned above and in my program to get a start a fresh start and to rebuild a real relationship that doesn’t have all those problems.

But if you keep going through the same cycle with your ex, breaking up, getting back together, consider whether you really ever actually had a kind of connection that’s worth trying to put in the effort to rebuild.

Another really good way to figure out whether you should try to get your ex back is if you miss your relationship but not your ex.

This is a great way to gauge to determine basically whether you should get back together if you ‘re experiencing loneliness and heartache.

Ask yourself whether it’s because you miss your ex you know your ex’s personality, their appearance, their sense of humor, all the little things that he or she did that no one else does.

Well whether you simply miss actually just having a significant other in your life and as part of your life, having a partner basically.

Okay now those are all valid reasons like I said why you may not want to get back together with your ex, but I hope at least you’ve realized that there’s often some very good reasons why you should take your ex back.

If you’re certain that your ex is right for you, if you’re lost without him or her in your life then don’t listen to the haters who tell you it’s meant to be or breakups happen for a reason, you’re the only one who can really that decision and you don’t want to live the rest of your life wondering what if, what if you put in the effort to try to get them back.
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