Is Your Ex Moving On? (How To Tell)

Is Your Ex Moving On? (How To Tell)

By Brad Browning
From The Ex Factor Guide

If you can’t tell for sure if you’re over analyzing your ex’s behavior, then check this out…

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Is Your Ex Moving On? (How To Tell)

Today, I’ll explain how to tell whether your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is moving on and getting over you.

Do you know that it’s a total waste of time for you to worry if your Ex is moving on?

You know it’s only natural to wonder what your ex is up to, what they’re thinking or feeling about you or about your relationship. But in reality, you’re just never gonna know for sure.

You know you can spend hours analyzing their latest Instagram post, you know rereading those old text messages but the simple fact of the matter is that none of that stuff is gonna help you win them back you know.

Maybe it can give you a rough idea of where you stand with your ex right now but more likely it’s just gonna you know you’re just gonna misinterpret things or cause yourself a whole lot of unnecessary heartache by stressing about what your ex is doing or saying.

But to keep it brief, it’s just always better to focus on the things that are within your control. The things that you can do to change your situation and improve your odds.

Here are some signs that indicate that your ex is indeed moving on and getting over you.

Sign #1: It’s been a long time since your breakup

Wow! This is a shocker isn’t it? Oh, you know obviously the amount of time since your breakup is gonna make a difference to your ex’s feelings towards you.

Occasionally time can actually be a good thing but generally speaking the longer it’s been since you broke up the more likely it is that your ex is already moving on.

Sign #2:  Your ex just stops making any attempt to contact you.

This can occasionally not mean anything at all. You know who knows maybe your ex is also a subscriber to my YouTube channel and they’re employing be they No Contact strategy as well.

But more likely, it means they’re just no longer thinking about you that often anymore which suggests they’ve started to move on. Now just because he or she isn’t reaching out to you, it doesn’t mean you need to give up hope but it is not usually a good sign.

Sign #3: She’s been dating somebody new for more than a month or two.

Rebound relationships are typically something that people jump into after a breakup just to numb the pain and the post breakup emotions and very few of those relationships actually last more than a couple of months.

But if your ex has indeed been dating somebody you know somebody new for more than a month or two then obviously that’s not a great sign.

Sign #4: Your ex just doesn’t respond at all to your attempts to incite jealousy

This is a tough one to evaluate you know if you’re not really communicating with your ex very often. But if you’ve used some of the tactics to carefully incite some jealousy and you’re not getting any kind of reaction at all from your ex then that can definitely be a bad sign.

Sign #5: Your ex doesn’t reply or at least doesn’t seem interested when you bring up inside jokes or happy memories from your time together.

Essentially, you know somebody who’s moved on completely and recovered from a breakup is gonna be a lot less receptive to nostalgia.

If you’ve tried to make him or her laugh with an old inside joke or brought up a you know a really memorable moment that you shared when you two were together and you don’t get a positive reply or any reply it all from your ex that might mean that he or she is moving on.

 Sign #6: Your ex is just ignoring you or acts cold and uninterested in continuing any kind of a conversation

This final sign here is this pretty self-explanatory I think when you don’t have feelings for somebody it’s just a lot less lucky that you’ll put in the effort to continue a conversation and show interest in her life.

If you do find that the conversations with your ex just go nowhere and she seems cold and different, it could indicate that that they’re getting over you and your breakup.

Then turn the focus back on yourself and making yourself as attractive as possible in the eyes of your ex. That is something that will actually have a positive return on the time you invest.

Overanalyzing you know constantly worrying about what your ex is up to on the other hand, that’s just a waste of time and a recipe for anxiety and heartache.

Do you have a question about your situation? You know what to do just put it in the comments below and I will personally get back to you as soon as I can unless you write a comment that’s longer than war and peace.

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