How to Be the Best Flirt

Hey there!

How are your flirting skills?

Is flirting something you love to do, something you’re good at?

Or…does the thought of flirting make you sweat?

Flirting is fun…or it CAN be fun…once you learn how.

So today I want to share 10 flirty tips to make you the best flirter around.

I know flirting doesn’t come easily to everyone.

The best flirters make it look EASY, and you probably think they were born that way.

But the truth is, everyone who’s good at flirting made a DECISION to learn.

They stepped out of their comfort zone and practiced, and so can you.

It’s way easier than you think of you follow these steps.


Flirty Tip #1: Practice by Greeting Strangers Every Day

Whoa! That’s a big challenge to most of us because that really takes us out of our comfort zone.

But it shouldn’t be that hard to say make eye contact, say hello, and smile.

Try different things, too. Say hi and nod your head. Try good morning, good afternoon, and “how’s it going?”

Some people will greet you back, others might smile and talk, while a few will ignore you.

Don’t take that personally—you don’t know how their day is going.

But do know, greeting others brightens their day and has huge benefits for you as well.

You’ll get comfortable talking to people and making eye contact, and flirting will become much easier.

In fact, you might find opportunities to flirt just by greeting people you pass.


Flirty Tip #2: Compliment Others

Throw out compliments like they’re confetti!

Well, don’t be insincere, but whenever you have a chance to say something nice, DO IT!

You can even use a compliment to talk to a stranger—and complimenting another man might make his day.

Complimenting others is an easy way to flirt so practice this whenever you can.

When you greet and compliment others, you get used to that happy response and then you can flirt without getting flustered.

It’s great practice and makes both you and others happy.


Flirty Tip #3: Approach People

When you get used to greeting others, try approaching more people. Introduce yourself to people and strike up conversations with people on the street.

You’ll develop charisma and charm, and the ability to talk to people more easily.

This sounds like a big deal now, but it’s just one step further. And it’ll make you a WAY better flirter!

Try some light and innocent flirting with people. Maybe there’s an elderly gentleman sitting outside and you can make his day with some fun chatting.

Some of my most fun and interesting conversations have started with strangers in a restaurant or park.


Flirty Tip #4: Remember to keep it light and positive

Both men and women can mistakenly think that flirting is the same as talking, and they’ll to complaining as a way to start a conversation.

Flirting is about having fun and making the other person feel good.

If you’re having a bad day and can’t think of fun ways to flirt, stick to questions.

Think of flirting as a FUN GAME, and you’ll stay on track.

Now that you’ve been practicing your flirting skills, you’re ready to flirt with the cute lady in the office or your crush. 


Flirty Tip #5: Let him catch you giving him a lingering look.

When your crush catches you staring, don’t immediately look away.

Let it linger for a few seconds and then calmly, slowly, look away.

She’ll be so intrigued!

That’s just step one. But you don’t have to give her a dozen lingering looks.

Instead, try a lingering look, and later move onto a smile. If she’s sending signals back to you, such as a slow, sexy grin, you might even wink.

This kind of sexy confidence drives men WILD!


Flirty Tip #6: Look at his mouth

To be super flirty, let her catch you looking at her mouth while she’s talking.

It’ll let him know you like her!

This is a powerful way to flirt, so don’t stare at her mouth the entire time. Just a few looks will do.


Flirty Tip #7: Add in touch

If you want to see just what a touch can do, walk by a coworker, smile, and touch their shoulder while you say, “Good morning, Mary!”

You can also sneak in a light touch while talking to her to make the conversation more flirty.

See, I told you flirting wasn’t so hard! It starts with reaching out, talking, complimenting others, and adding in a light touch.

After a few lingering looks and sly smiles from you, she won’t know what hit her.

So now you know how to be flirty without saying much…but what about talking?


Flirty Tip #8: Don’t use the Typical Questions

Flirting is often a surprise. And by that, I mean that you catch a woman off guard with something you say.

She notices that you’re more fun, interesting, and engaging…

…and she might not know why.

It’s because you moved away from all the day-to-day typical questions and asked her something that made her think.

Now, I don’t mean you jumped into super serious, late night, pillow talk type questions.

Rather, go for fun and ADVENTUROUS questions. Being quirky and off-beat shows that you put some thought into it.

If you get nervous thinking about it, remember your practice from approaching strangers.


Flirty Tip #9: Go for Fun, Sexy Banter

If you’re quick-witted or like improv, you might be good at banter.

But if you’re totally mortified at the idea, you can still learn!

Banter is simply a back and forth conversation that’s fun, flirty, and unexpected.

You might recall the show I love Lucy, where she was always having fun little play-fights with her husband.


How do you get good at banter and quick answers?

Improv works on forward motion, which is why I mentioned it. You always say “yes” to the last statement and build on it, so your improv conversation can go on a wild adventure.

When flirting, it’s about fun, so keep it going with the first thing that pops into your mind.

Say your crush says, “Are you really going to eat that?”

And you come back with, “Is that a dare?”

Banter takes practice, so go ahead and banter with strangers, your friends, and the cute girl at the bus stop.

You’ll develop the skill to think of the most fun or quirky answer.


So there you have it: 9 steps to be the BEST flirt around!

Take your time and practice each step, and try to have fun with it. That’s the secret to being a good flirt: you’re having fun and making her day more exciting too.

I hope you’ll enjoy each step and see amazing results!


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