How to Meet Women That are Not Online Dating

As a single man, you may have tried all ways possible to find love. It is now easier to meet women on dating sites and apps. You just open an account, write up all the good qualities about you, sometimes you exaggerate to make you look like a great catch. You select a few great pictures and you are good to go.

Problem is you might be there a while before you find someone whom you like and likes you back. You send out dozens of messages without a reply. Worse, you’re trying to seem casual but there is a list of dating online rules you are not even aware of. Ouch!

Bottom line, it’s exhausting! You meet at least several ladies, you go on dates then you realize that’s what you were hoping for. You go home and the process starts all over again. Too bad!

Before the dawn of the internet, people met in the most unexpected places. It was fun. You see a lady you like; you walk up to her and introduce yourself. Of course, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds but it worked.

Of course, it’s a little scary to walk up to a person and start a conversation. Chances are you might get rejected but that shouldn’t stop you anyway. But unless you try you may never find your person. There are many wonderful single ladies out there. All that matters is how you approach.

1. Be Presentable

First of all, before you go out make sure you look good. No one wants to talk to a person that doesn’t look presentable. Whether you’re going to the store to get milk or gas station, consider looking your best.
You don’t need to go all out, with fancy attire and such. Just pay a little attention to how you look. The first impression matters a lot and that’s what she’ll always remember. You don’t want to lose a chance simply because of a little wardrobe malfunction.

2. Be willing to put yourself out there.

You might not be comfortable doing it at first but with a little practice, you’ll be fine. Most certainly your type won’t come knocking on your door, leave the fantasy for the movies. You need to get out more and meet people. How else will the ladies know you are single and searching?

Be more open to meet new people anywhere. You never know if the lady hosting an event, volunteering, or at the gym is the one you’ve been looking for. Don’t be discouraged if it takes time. Be patient!

Of course, not everyone you meet is available. Some may be taken, broken or uninterested. Don’t take the rejection personally; she’s just not the one. Better luck next time!

3. Go to a place where your type may hang out

You may have an idea of what your type of woman would be like. For instance, if you’re into nerds, party animals, athletic, or sporty ladies, it’s ideal to hang out in places they are likely to be.

Most people have a routine or habits. So it’s highly likely they will hang out at places they are most comfortable. You can try and change your routine from time to time to meet new people. You’ll be surprised how many people frequent the same place as you, just at different times.

You can start by volunteering in your place of interest or join a class or a gym. Whatever works for you. You will be doing something you’re into and meet a person with the same interests as you. It’s a win-win situation.

4. Attend music festivals, concerts or a karaoke bar

You’ll be surprised how many singles are in such places. Truth is everyone likes good music. Probably there will be lots of ladies out there in search of a good time and music. It’s a good opportunity for you to start a conversation with a lady by herself at the counter.

The advantage of meeting singles in such places is she’s probably boozed up and in a good mood. You can start by talking about the band or the music and voila! Works like a charm.

5. Go to events and reunions

Don’t be fast to turn down that wedding invitation. I’m sure you’ve heard of those cute stories of how people meet at weddings or at the museum. Sounds so cliché but it works, you’re not any different. Don’t you think it would be nice to also tell your story?

It might not exactly be your type of place, but it sure is a good way to meet singles. Its places like this most people feel out of place especially if there are other couples hanging around. Go around and introduce yourself. There’s no harm in getting to know new people.

6. Groceries stores or shopping malls

Women like to shop, that’s a known fact. You’ll find them in shopping venues impulse buying things they most definitely don’t need but makes them feel good nonetheless. It’s a good idea to ask for help, ask a question or offer help to a stranger in such places. The stores give you a commonplace and your pick up line is what will get you her number.

7. Ask your friends to introduce you

There is nothing wrong with letting your friends set you up. I know how lame that sounds; probably you rolled your eyes at that. But hear me out first. Your friends know you well and they know who you would match up perfectly.

It’s much applicable if most of your friends are in stable relationships or married. Unlike if you’re only hanging out with other single dudes, they wouldn’t be of much help. It’s safe to assume at this time you’re open to meeting a potential, so you’re not bound to a specific way of meeting.

Additional Points to make you more confident.

  • Smile. Chances are the lady will warm up to you and smile back. After all, everyone looks better smiling.
  • Introduce yourself. Start with a simple hello. As obvious as that sounds it’s a great icebreaker. Introduce yourself casually and show interest.
  • Give her a compliment. Something like, you have nice shoes, beautiful smile, or stunning eyes, anything that shows you noticed her. Avoid saying things like nice ass or titties, you’ll probably get punched.
  • Make eye contact. There is a strong connection when you make eye contact. Hold it for a few seconds to get her attention. Just not too long to look like a creep.
  • Have a clear goal to make friends first.
  • Take it slow. At least get to know each other first. When you try to move fast she might not be comfortable.
  • Put out good energy. Whatever energy you put out there will definitely come back to you.
  • Be confident. It shows by how you carry yourself around. Be careful not to be too confident, arrogance is not a good look on anyone.
  • Relax. It’s not a job interview. If she rejects you, don’t take it personally. Brush it off and move on.
  • Search for good conversation starters. This way you have a better chance to strike a conversation and keep it going. Cheesy pickup lines are a turnoff.

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