3 Useful First Date Tips for Men

Congratulations! You’ve finally worked up the courage to ask that gorgeous woman out on a date and she said yes! So, what now? I am going to assume the goal of asking her on a date is to get a girlfriend. And maybe to turn this first date into a second, a third, or into something more permanent.

The following three tips are designed to help hold her interest and make her really want to see you again.

1. Dress Well

Shower, put on fresh clothes, wash your face, and be generally presentable. Sure, that wrinkled shirt and decade-old pair of jeans may be ‘comfortable’, but it is not an attractive look.

We are told, growing up, that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But by dressing well on the first date, you are making sure you have your best foot forward.

It creates a good impression and whether you may want to admit it or not, first impressions last,

Showing up on a first date, looking your best shows her that you care about yourself. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top. Dress for the occasion a well. For most casual dates, a clean shirt and a clean pair of pants will do.

2. Don’t Be Late

This also falls under making a good first impression. Be on time, or better yet, be 15 minutes early. Not only will it show your date that she is a priority. It is also good manners.

Don’t ever keep your date waiting. The more she sits around waiting for you to arrive, the more she might end up second-guessing her decision to go out with you. Showing up early also gives you extra time to make the necessary arrangements that will help the date go well.

Now, there will be times when you just can’t help being late. Don’t worry, things aren’t completely ruined yet. Girls will understand, especially when you have a valid reason. But, if this happens to you, don’t leave her hanging. Let her know that you are running late. Call and explain the situation.

3. Plan the Date Well

One of the best ways to avoid first date jitters is to plan the date well. A great first date idea is to take her for an afternoon coffee or a Sunday brunch. This works because it still allows you to spend time together, BUT it has none of the pressures associated with the traditional dinner date. Leave the dinner for the second or third date.

Another thing that makes coffee or brunch so great is the fact that it can go as long or as short as you want. If you feel like your coffee date is going well, you can always extend it to dinner. The same with brunch, if you want, you can keep it going the whole day. Inversely, if it’s all gone down the drain, you can always cut the date short. No need to sit through the entirety of dinner in awkward silence.

I would also like to add a bonus tip: Just Be Yourself.

I know that this is a well-worn tip and it’s something that everyone who’s gone on a first date has been told. But, that’s only because it really works. If you are nervous, try not to show it as much, but DO NOT, for some odd reason or another, take on a whole different persona.

For example, if you are a geek, be a geek. Just don’t go overboard with it. If you love sports, talk about sports. But, make sure it is not all you are talking about throughout the date. Vary the topics of your conversation.

There you have it. Three very useful first date tips + 1! Apply these to your next date and don’t forget to have fun!

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