Tips and Tricks on How to Make Her Miss You

They say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” This adage is absolutely true.

If you’ve got a good thing going, your partner would not be able to wait to see you again. Your absence would make your partner miss you.

Getting her to miss you is one of the best ingredients to your love potion. Every time your partner says she misses you, you instantly feel wanted or desired.

So, how can you make your partner miss you? There are a lot of ways to make your partner miss you. Learn how by understanding these tips.

Do Not Be Available All the Time

It is normal to want to be with your partner all the time especially on the first few months of the relationship. This is also true when you are madly in love. But it is not always healthy.

Sometimes, you need to distance yourself for her to miss you. You should not spend all your time with your partner, as this can be suffocating for both of you.

It is also important that you spend some time to yourself or be with your friends and family to do what you like to do. You have to remember that you also have a life outside of your relationship.

The best part of not being available all the time, creating space and time apart, is that this will make him realize that you are special and she misses you.

Do Not Immediately Return Her Texts and Calls

When she texts or calls, you should give it some time before replying or answering. This is one way of showing her that you have other things going around aside from her.

You should give it some time before letting her hear from you. This way, she will wonder what you are doing and miss you more.

Go On a Trip Without Her

You can go on a trip by yourself or with your friends to make your partner miss you more.

When you spend some time alone, you will not only be able to connect with yourself, think about your life’s goals but you will also make your partner miss you more.

You can simply update her from time to time while you are on your trip. Doing so will make her realize that you are having fun and would make her want to go with you on your next trip.

Post Less on Social Media

You should try to minimize updating your social media accounts. This way, your partner will wonder what you are up to. Also, this can make you more mysterious, giving you and your partner time to miss each other.

In addition, posting fewer updates on social media will give you and your partner various things to talk about the next time you see each other.

Have Fun with Friends and Tell Her All about It

You do not have to spend all your time with her. Catching up with friends on a guy’s night out or getaway trip is a great way to also make her miss you more.

Have fun without her and tell her all about it. She’ll be okay with it because she can see that you’re having fun but she’ll also be jealous. She’ll wish he’s the one you’re having fun with.

It’s important that she knows you can have fun without her.

Invest in Yourself

Always look your best and give yourself a new look sometimes. Invest in working out and new clothes from time to time.

You don’t have to spend a lot by investing in a full-on makeover. A new hairstyle or new shirt will do.

A new look will definitely surprise her and would make her think of you. You will not only attract your woman but also get other guys’ attention which would only make her want to be closer to you.

Invest in yourself and make her miss you.

Remind Him of You Even When You Are Away

There are lots of things that will remind her of you.

Casually leave something that you own at your woman’s house or car. Small items like a handkerchief or pen will do.

A simple thing that is personal to you or something that would remind her of a moment she has spent with you like a movie stub of the last movie you guys watched will do.

This way, the next time she sees the item, she will remember you and miss you even more.

Be A Boyfriend Who Is Fun to be with

You should avoid becoming a boring type of boyfriend.

Be fun to be with and make your woman smile or laugh. If your man enjoys spending time with you, she’ll definitely miss you and would want to see you more often.

Surprise Your Woman by Cooking Her Favorite Dish

Do you know how to cook? If the answer is no, then it is time you start learning.

You can impress your partner by cooking her favorite dishes. Add extra ingredient of love to make it more delicious. She will surely appreciate and remember the gesture. She will miss and crave not only the dishes you make for her but also you.

Leave Her Craving for More

When spending time with your woman, you should make sure that you guys are having such a great time that she will be left wanting for more once the day ends.

You can give her one sweet sensuous kiss and a tight hug at the end of the day. One kiss is enough to make her want for more. For sure, she won’t be able to wait to see you again.

One last thing…

You should not try too hard. Put less attention on making her miss you and focus more on being the best boyfriend because this alone will make her crave your time and attention.

You should also remember that she may be missing you badly and just bad at expressing her feelings. Communicate your feelings and she will reciprocate. Make sure you open up and tell him you miss her as well.

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