What Do Women Find Attractive in Men?

Ahh, yes. A question that has been gnawing away at the minds of men since the beginning of time. Well, okay—maybe not THAT long…but awhile, certainly.

Men are always looking for a special glimpse into the female mind. Why? It’s fascinating, complex, and sometimes totally insane.

Men are often unable to “figure women out,” and you can’t really blame them. One thing many (if not all) men wonder is what women find attractive in them.

Guys, if you follow this one tip, you will find yourself turning women down: It’s all about balance!

Allow us to explain with this first example. Women like men who are confident but not cocky.

While a man should know how talented and wonderful he is, women find modesty to be a very attractive quality.

They don’t want a man to tell them why they should like him: “I’m really talented! I’m really rich! I’m really strong! Look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME!” Ew! So unappealing. Women want to find this out for themselves.

When you take them to your workplace for the first time and they discover that you have your own office with a great view of a city—instead of the 2×2 cubicle with no air conditioning that they were imagining—believe us: They will swoon.

Here’s another good example: Women love a man who can talk and take charge of the conversation…and also know when to shut the heck up!

Fellas, you already know that women are chatty creatures who love to gab about everything and anything. When they’re with you, they don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a wall.

Then again, they don’t want you to monopolize the conversation.

Make sure you’re contributing, but also be sure that she realizes that what she has to say is important to you! Your women need to feel important. That’s a biggie.

Are you starting to catch on, men? Balance is key! Here’s a third example: A lot of women are fairly traditional and want a man who’s going to be the “head of the household.”

By this, we mean that they find that take-charge attitude to be very attractive. Women want men with a backbone who aren’t afraid to speak up and share their opinions.

If a man will stand up for himself, he’ll stand up for his woman. Remember, though, that there are times when women also like it for their men to back down a little.

It’s okay for the woman to be in charge sometimes and take care of her partner. Relationships are about giving and taking on both people’s parts.

Let your lady love know that you believe she’s capable of wearing the pants in the relationship every now and then!

We know that we’re throwing a lot of information at you here, men. Confused? Completely lost? Don’t fret. Worst case scenario, just ask your woman what she wants!

Rest assured that you’ll get major brownie points for being man enough to go to her for a little help. Lack of communication is often a major glitch in many relationships, anyhow; don’t let it damage yours.