What to Say to Your Ex To Win Them Back

What to Say to Your Ex To Win Them Back

By Brad Browning
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If you can’t tell for sure if you’re over analyzing your ex’s behavior, then check this out…

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What to Say to Your Ex To Win Them Back

What should you say to win back your ex?

The answer to that question is actually very simple, nothing!

I’m completely serious about that. You shouldn’t be saying anything to your ex at all if you want to win them back.

This is one of the single biggest mistakes that people make when they’re trying to win back their ex.

The thing that they know better and that they can apologize or beg or sweet-talk their way back into their ex’s arms and I know this goes against all common sense, how can you possibly get back together with your ex if you’re not even talking to them.

I promise that it is 100% for sure the best thing you can do after a breakup so please do yourself a favor and take my advice on this. Don’t try to convince your ex that he or she should take you back.

It’s just not going to work and in fact it’s only going to make you look pathetic and why on earth would your ex want to jump back into a relationship with somebody pathetic and needy.

If you’ve just recently broken up with your ex as in within the last couple of weeks then now is a perfect time to cut off communication with your ex.

Don’t stress if you’ve already done some begging and pleading with your ex since the break-up, it’s not necessarily a lost cause especially if you begin the No Contact period immediately, but what you need to do now is just stop initiating any conversations or communication with their ex and reply only to his or her messages if not doing so will make them angry or upset.

For example if your ex sends you a message on Facebook asking “How you’re doing or what your plans for the weekend are?” You can just simply ignore that message and similarly if your ex calls and leaves a voicemail wishing you “Happy Birthday!” or something like that don’t bother calling back it’s not necessary.

If you do end up talking to your ex during the 30-day period of no communication, your goal should be to just stay friendly, to just stay upbeat and look for the first possible opportunity to leave or end the conversation politely.

Say for instance, you run into your ex at the mall and he or she starts chatting you up you want to smile say hello, make you know maybe 30 seconds of small talk and then simply say something like “Hey sorry to cut this short but I have to go some friends are waiting for me. Let’s catch up another time, Okay.” And then you just hustle off like you got more important things to do.

Remember during this period of time you don’t want to talk to your ex at all, the less contact you have the better.

And I’m not going to explain in depth the reasons why this strategy works so well in this video but the simple explanation is that your ex will find it much harder to cope with the break-up if you just completely vanish from his or her life than if you continue to talk regularly and to give them time to slowly adjust to the single life.

It’s going to make your ex miss you wonder what’s going on with you and it’ll help them quickly forget the negative aspects of your old relationship that led to the break-up.

You’re essentially forcing your ex to learn what life is like without you. Making sure they miss talking to you and being with you and helping them let go of those aspects of the relationship that they didn’t enjoy.

If you’re skeptical about what I’ve said in this video so far, if you’re thinking I’m nuts for suggesting that you can win your ex back by simply by ignoring them, just take a quick look at some of the comments on my other YouTube videos that discuss this No Contact topic.

You’ll see literally hundreds of people who have used the No Contact method and seen it work like a magic.

If your ex seems cold, distant or doesn’t respond when you call or text them, oftentimes you can just cut off all communication for a week or two and all of a sudden, they’re texting daily and calling to see how you’re doing.

At this point, you’ve probably got two questions on your mind:

First Question:  How to handle a situation where you have to communicate with your ex?

Maybe because you still live together some of your belongings are at your ex’s house, you work in the same office, something along those lines.

Second Question: What to do after the 30-day period of No Contact is over?

Usually your ex will be contacting you by that point but you still need to know what to say and do to start rebuilding your connection and moving towards eventually getting back together.

And what if your ex hasn’t reached out to you during the 30 days, how do you try and kick start the communication and make him or her interested in you again.

Once your 30 days of No Contact ends, it’s not suddenly time to go back to begging, pleading or just you know asking your ex “Hey, what’s up?” or some boring stuff like that.t

Think of the No Contact phase as wiping the slate clean so now after several weeks not hearing from you your ex is missing you like crazy and they’ll start to forget the reasons why they wanted to break up.

Now is the time to show them the new and improved version of you. Go back to being the person that your ex first fell in love with, be fun, be interesting and be confident.

And at first, don’t talk at all about your relationship, your breakup or anything serious or dramatic. That kind of discussion is toxic and it’ll undo all the progress you made during the 30-day No Contact period.

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