How to Get Over A Breakup? Get Over Him FAST Using THIS!

How to Get Over A Breakup_

By Amy North
From Devotion System

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How to Get Over A Breakup? Get Over Him FAST Using THIS!

There are a few feelings that come close to the one you feel after a breakup from heartache and tears to reminiscing and regret or perhaps even liberation and freedom, whatever the feeling how can you get over your ex fast.

Let’s get started!

Remove any and all reminders of your ex, this means photos of you two together, cute notes, gifts he gave you the list goes on and on.

In some cases it’ll be harder to remove all reminders especially if you two live together and split on things like furniture art but where possible tuck aside anything that reminds you of him.

This doesn’t mean that you have to throw them in the trash but rather find a box or bag to stash them in and tucked it away in your closet or under your bed.

Once you’re over your ex you can open that box or bag and decide what you do and don’t want to keep until then try to keep it out of sight out of mind.

At this time you’ll also want to delete your ex’s phone number, now you may be thinking Amy there’s no way I’m going to call or text my ex I don’t need to delete this number.

No disrespect but I don’t buy it, the thing is you may be feeling strong and secure at this moment but you will undoubtedly have moments where nostalgia comes creeping in and you start to miss your ex.

Who knows maybe you have a lonely night and start recalling all the good things you shared together temporarily block up the bad either way it’s best to cut out any temptation and prevent those possibilities from even happening.

If you’re worried that you might need his number in the future or think that down the road you’d like to reach out to him then write it down and give it to a friend for safekeeping.

Be sure that your friend knows not to give it to you until you’re fully over him and the relationship.

Make a list of all the things you hated about your ex-boyfriend and all the things that he did or said that angered or upset you, in other words the things you won’t miss.

For instance maybe he had a habit of interrupting you or perhaps he blew off your friends, maybe you didn’t like his style or the fact that he wasn’t good with budgeting his money.

Whatever it is and sure there are things or you would probably still be together write them down, you don’t have to show anyone this list so allow yourself to be completely open and honest here.

Then anytime you’re feeling down or missing your ex plug the list and read it to remind yourself that he wasn’t perfect and that there are many ways in which you’re better off without him brilliant, right?

Allow yourself to move through each emotion.

There’s no denying that breakups are emotional and even if you end things on good terms chances are you’ll still have your share of waterworks at some point or another and that’s totally ok as long as you don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

This means that it’s completely fine to spend the first couple days after break-up mourning your loss but if this kind of behavior lasts more than a day or two then you may be prolonging the heartache instead of healing it.

Give yourself 48 hours to feel sorry for yourself and do whatever helps you cope once that time has passed it’s time for you to also pass on the past.

So then now that we’ve established a timeline for mourning let’s talk about what you should do after the fact which is spend time with your friends.

Breakups are one of those times when you can and should lean on your friends to support, you can also count on them to keep you busy and distract you from thinking about the break-up.

That said this is also a great time to make new friends, take a step out of your social circle and meet new people in new places signup for hobbies and activities that involve meeting others and be the one who makes the move by introducing yourself you never know who you may meet.

However, if there’s one person you shouldn’t be friends with at this time it’s your ex, now I know this can be tough especially if you were best friends at one point but believe me being friends with your ex right now isn’t going to help you.

In fact, it’ll work against you if you’re trying to get over him the reason why being friends with your ex is such a bad idea is because you’re vulnerable right now.

You don’t want to do or agree to anything you’ll regret so avoiding your ex at this time is for the best, in the future you may be able to have a friendship with them but for the time being keep your distance.

Keep busy! Do whatever you can to stay for the first couple weeks after the break-up even if you don’t feel like going out with your girlfriends it’s important that you do.

Taking up new hobbies, meeting new people and chasing life dreams can be scary especially when you’re used to your old routine but use this opportunity to reset your life.

Whether you sign up for some new classes or do the Eat Pray Love thing take the solo time to become who you want to be, it sounds cliché but think about how many times you’ve thought about trying something new but didn’t because it interfered with your relationship or other plans, now is your chance to follow your dreams.

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