How To Handle Rejection (And Make Him Realize His Mistake)

By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

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How To Handle Rejection (And Make Him Realize His Mistake)

Whether it is being shot down from that hot guy at the bar, or being dumped after a long-term relationship, rejection always stings.

Being rejected by a man you love can really knock you back and shatter your self-image, making you feel unattractive and undesirable.

But there are many things which can help you to get through this tough time with dignity and strength, so that you can bounce back even better than before.

Handling rejection with grace and not allowing it to bring you down will send a powerful message to the man who rejected you – that you are a woman of value, who does not need him to be happy.

1. Allow yourself to feel sad (temporarily!)

Rejection can evoke some very painful feelings, such as sadness, loss, grief, humiliation, and anger.

It’s perfectly natural to be feeling a bit down after a rejection. In fact, it is important to allow yourself to feel these emotions, as trying to ignore them is only going to do yourself harm.

Give yourself time to grieve about what could have been, but then make a choice to let these feelings of sadness go and move forward.

Allowing your low mood to drag on for weeks is unhealthy, and will only make the situation worse.

Continue below to learn how you can pick yourself up and regain a positive outlook after being rejected.

2. Respect his wishes

As much as you may want to be with him, you need to respect his wishes.

It is never okay to beg for him to take you back or have an angry outburst – this will not do you any favours.

Accepting that he doesn’t want to be with you and handling this with grace will allow you to maintain your dignity and self-respect.

He may have treated you really unfairly, or just plain hurt you by not returning your affections. But either way, this doesn’t mean you should hate him.

Hating him will only cause yourself more pain and allow the rejection take over your mind.

Don’t let him cause you any more pain than he already has.

Instead, accept his rejection and cease contact with him – as EXCRUTIATING as it may be. Because as long as you keep up the contact between you, you are not going to give yourself a chance to begin the moving on process.

Ending contact with him right now will show him that you can make it on your own and don’t need him, which will earn you a lot of respect in his eyes.

And seeing you handle his exit from your life so easily is bound to shake his ego, and get him thinking about what he has given up.

3. Don’t live in hope that he will change his mind

It’s natural that the idea of him regretting his mistake and wanting you back will cross your mind.

But letting yourself be consumed by this idea will just cause you to put your life on hold and prevent you from moving on.

To be frank, if he rejected you because he wasn’t attracted to you or didn’t feel you are his type, that is not likely to change and trying to force it will only bring you unhappiness.

If you have broken up after a long-term relationship, chances are that maybe you weren’t so perfect together after all, and there is a man out there who will be a lot more perfect for YOU.

Remember, he is just one guy in a whole ocean of possibilities.

4. Surround yourself with people who will support you

Following a rejection, it’s important to be able to confide in close friends and family members, so they can support you and help to repair your self-confidence.

A problem shared is a problem halved, and bottling up your feelings will only cause you pain. Allow your loved ones to help make you feel better – just like you would do for them in the same boat.

There is nothing more comforting than hearing from your friends; “He wasn’t good enough for you anyway” and “It’s his loss, not yours”.

Just be sure to confide in your own friends – not HIS.

Trying to confide in his friends will just put them in an uncomfortable position, and may cause him to lose respect for you. It will not make your chances of getting back together any better.

5. Keep working on YOU

Sometimes a rejection can be an opportunity for self-improvement.

While you can’t change whether or not a person is attracted to you, you can always make positive changes to your own appearance and the way that you interact with others.

Making positive changes to your health and wellbeing will increase feelings of self-confidence, and create a positive energy that will attract others to you.

Indulging in ice cream and chocolate right now may give you a temporary fix to feeling miserable. But in the long term, packing on the pounds is only going to worsen your self-esteem.

So keep making an effort to look your best.

When you get up in the morning, have a shower, brush your hair and put on a little makeup (if you usually wear it).

Getting yourself out of bed and making an effort in your appearance will instantly make you feel more ready for the day and more in control of your emotions.

6. Keep up your normal routine

When we are rejected by someone, we can experience a temporary sense of loss of control in our world, and feel all off balance.

During this time, keeping up our normal routine can actually help us to get back on our feet, put things into perspective, and bring feelings of security and relief.

So don’t let your life stop because of him – because that’s exactly what he’s expecting. Instead, take him by surprise.

Keep going to work, social events, sports practice, and anything else you’ve committed to.

Taking time off so you can wallow in sorrow at home is only going to make you feel worse – believe me.

7. Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol at all costs during this time!

Alcohol is something which can affect you in very different ways depending on what mood you’re in.

If you’re feeling happy and celebrating something special, a couple of wines can give you that extra buzz that adds to your already great mood.

However, if you’re feeling sad, low, and down on yourself, chances are alcohol is only going to make these feelings worse.

And worse yet, it may make you do something you’re going to regret the next day – like calling the guy who rejected you and begging him to change his mind.

You don’t want to be that girl, trust me.

So find other, healthier ways to take the edge off. For example, exercise is great for relieving stress and releasing endorphins, and a heart-to-heart with a close friend right now will do a lot more good than a bottle of wine.

8. Don’t go straight onto the next guy

After suffering a rejection, it can be tempting to look for a fling or one night stand to help you to feel sexy and desirable again.

But realistically, instead of helping you to heal, moving straight on to the next guy is probably only going to make you feel worse.

So take time to look after yourself and move on from your rejection before you get back out in the dating ring.

Of course, it is probably going to take you longer to move on if you have just experienced a relationship break-up, than if you were just turned down by a guy you met out at a bar one night.

However, once you have moved on and are again feeling happy and confident within yourself, definitely get yourself back out there!

Don’t let a rejection from one guy hold you back from meeting the great guy who’s waiting just around the corner.

9. Remember that you do not need a man to be happy

A great man can add joy to your life, but true happiness comes from embracing who you are and feeling content with what you have, whether or not you are in a relationship.

You do not need a man to make you feel beautiful and valued – this can (and should) come from within yourself first.

Think about all the great people you do have in your life right now, and all of the amazing things that make up who you are.

You do NOT need a man to be happy.

As we discussed earlier, it is unhealthy to live in hope that the man who turned you down will change his mind.

But you can be sure that handling the rejection with grace, ceasing contact with him, continuing to make an effort in your appearance, and getting on with your life will be the best ways to gain his respect and show him that you are a woman of value.

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36 Comments on "How To Handle Rejection (And Make Him Realize His Mistake)"

  1. Where is the “(and make him realize his mistake)” part of this!?
    This is just the opposite. All you are saying is move on, which of course may be sensible… but the point is it doesn’t make him realize any mistake.

    This is just a bait-and-switch article.

    Jamie, after a month, you deserve to make another attempt. It might fail, but you can make it anyway. Don’t beg, just remind him of the good times. When all is lost, what do you really have to lose? (except your heart again, but oh well, I mean you decide!)

  2. I know exactly what you ladies are feeling. How are you planning to spend this Christmas eve night and Christmas day with your guys not being around?

  3. great comments and advice! thank you. but if the man is 3000 miles away, it is not possible for him to know how i are handling it. that is too bad. no one to tell him either.

  4. Hi Veronica, living well and growing as a person after the breakup will help you move on in your life – that means your partner will have to deal with the fact that he let a perfectly good woman go. Also, he needs to deal with the consequences, which is no longer being intimate partners and you being able to live happily without him. Essentially, that means you’re not “rewarding” his actions by lashing out at the world or doing something drastic (which is the opposite of what the post advises).

  5. Yes l agree but ewhenn you see him often its hard,I try to be just friendly,but always seem to say the wrong things and. Look stupid,I always seem to speak first,should I ignor him,or maybe just smile?

  6. My ex bf dumped me 2 months ago. Hes 4 years younger than me. Ive been with him for a year and half . 4weeks after he ended it I told him he needed to ended it face to face. He came up but he cudnt . He told me both of us needed to change and we agree. He needed to understand I cudnt see him all time and I needed to c him one extra nite during the week and be more affectionate. Then he said I love u but im nit ready for marriage and kids like u are ( ive never mentioned marriage etc ) he left thentwo days aftwr he said he cant be with me and hes freaked out since he saw me. He doesnt feel happy with in himself. ( hes in his final year in uni and working full time. Hes trying to catch up with me as I am a teacher. Ive never put pressure on him . Je text me christmas day wishing me a happ Christmas but I didnt reply . I still love him . Is there hope. Bn no contact for 5 weeks but he tect me wednesday. C

  7. My husband was one who would tell me if he had enough going out with a woman, that he would say I am going to finish with you in 6weeks time? Of course they all thought he was joking? But no he stuck to that what he had said . So when we got married, there was always this nagging thing of when will he sack me?..we where married and still after 33years of total disrespect lying being this total controller drunken verbal and mental mind games, with holding affection, love money, did not have a nice thing to say about me, he was sucking the life from me. Yet I was the one to show all these, kind caring loving giving sharing I was the same with our children that they did not cause a life of hell for there loved ones? always talk, talk more making time for each other. Only he was so selfish only cared about him and what he should have.i was getting nothing from this marriage while he was having fun spending our money on his mistress who I finally found out that it had been going on since our son was 12/13 years old. Our son is 23. I have told my husband that he is sacked?..and started divorce proceedings. He would not sign the papers as I had been in this very cruel mean phyically abussive marriage, of course he denined this to the solicitor? I said I tried to include him with me and our children, I was there when he was ill after an operation, I tried to talk and all he did was scream and yell? How can you live with someone who is out to destroy your happiness. He lives with this 75 year old bitch. Well I deserve a better man, and a much happier life not one living in fear of his bullying.

  8. My BF decided that he was going to tell me he loved me very much 2 days before Christmas then not speak to me for 3 days. Then when he did text me, it was to say that I cheated on him. Which I had not, so I looked around on the dating sites and found his profile on 3. So I asked him about it and he just kept saying I cheated on him. When I would ask if we were over he would say nothing. So I took it as we were. I put a profile on 2 sites and he text me calling me a whore stating he would not have his GF on a dating site. That I must be looking for someone new, so that’s why he put his profile on the sites. He would twist everything around to blame me. So I finally just said enough and let it all go. I did not text him or call for 24 hrs. I then got emails and text from him wanting to know if I had found someone yet. If I responded in anyway he would go right back to me cheating. So again last night New Years Eve I said my final goodbye to him. I cut all communication. I have blocked my number, removed my profiles from the dating sites and changed my email address. My last text to him I stated ” I will not fight with you. Fighting has done nothing but broke both of our hearts. Neither of us won. You will not wake tomorrow with my arms around you, You will not taste my kiss tonight, You will not hear my voice saying your name in passion.. So who won?? ”
    Letting go is hard, having no communication is harder..but sometimes it is the wake up call that some men need..

  9. i am very thankful for your article…..we are both just scared to death….i think he still wants to play the field and get as many undet his belt as he can…..which means i dont need that anyway.. he may have done me a favor …but we all hate to lose…I KNOW THAT I KNOW he want find what we could of had….thanks kaye

  10. I do not agree I do not need a man to feel loved and valued. If I am the only person who makes me feel loved and valued, it is first of all pathetic and it gives off a smell of carziness. Our whole life and society is built so that we need constant approval – we are required to behave to be approved of by our parents, to study hard to be apprroved of by our teachers and then, if you become a doctor, for example, you need your patients’ approval – who will otherwise respect and value you if you kill your patients by your lack of professionalism? We’re social animals, and that word is the key – we can’t and do not exist without being connected to the society and being approved according to its norms. Even Lord said we are supposed to get married and have kids, so how am I supposed to feel happy and fullfilled when there is no man who wants me for the great qualities I have and who wants to start a family with me and father my children?
    And besides, this *is* another bait-and-switch article all right – where is the part in which I learn how to make him realise he lost a great woman?
    P.S. Probably this will not be published but I tried this ‘famous’ Text Your Ex Back programme by Michael Fiore, and the advertisements for it sound much grander than the product itself. Nothing works like the programme says it will, and now I am wary of buying any other programme because all the videos fot those products are also bait-and-switch – they say ‘In this short presentation I will reveal three important secrets/phrases/tricks which will make your ex want you back and immediately contact you’, but in reality to learn those secrets/phrases/tricks you are tu buy the product cause they’re never in the video as was promised.
    Unfortunately for us girls who do need a guy to feel happy and who do want to try and win our ex back there is no one who could really help us or give us some advice that really works.

  11. What do yu do about the on line connection?? I was contacted by a man who kept my attention for two months. We messaged and talked on the phone every day. Our conversations were full of laughter and constant confirmation of our compatibility. In the last message I recieved from him, he told how much he looked forward to our next talk, then nothing for over two weeks. Now what do I do??? I send him one message every day to let him know Im still here, but without closure I feel I cant go forward. It has affected me way to much. What do I do??? Jaycee

  12. I agree with most of your points above, but would like to point out that loneliness can be suffocatingly crushing. To tell people that they should find happiness within themselves is all fine and dandy if you’re a slug. Unfortunately, people need other people and love to thrive. There was an infamous experiment done years ago before child welfare where a psychologist decided to test the theory that humans need to be loved. He used infants in an orphanage and instructed the nurses to show some of the babies love, cuddling, care, etc. The other babies were to have their needs met absent any sign of affection, love or care. Horrifyingly, those babies that were not shown affection started to decline, withdraw and many of them died. The conclusion is that humans need love from other humans.
    I understand the sentiment that one should find intrinsic happiness, but I for one, am happiest when I have a partner to share life’s little moments with. I can sit here and prattle on about how great my life is–and it is a great life. I have love of family and friends; I travel, etc., but it does not replace the companionship of a true life partner.

  13. Would moving out of the house and buying another home will help to forget my 29 years of marriage? He left the house and is renting an apartment.

  14. How does one deal with the ” i need time to think and will call you scenario”? We were together for a year and i brought up the are we exclusive question. His response of i really don’t know definately threw me but i managed to keep my head and didn’t get upset verbally. I asked him if i was doing anything wrong or not doing something and he answered no to both. Said that he just needed time and he will call. Well that was 2.5mos ago. I continued dating etc and didn’t wallow is self pitty or develop a hate on for him. But i do feel a little at loose ends. I have not made contact with him as i feel that this could backfire. Do I accept the fact that he won’t contact me and just assume that he was one with the issues? Do i contact him?

  15. Rejection is a tough thing to deal with – it brings up emotions from our childhood when we couldn’t cope with being rejected, so I would say be kind to yourself, speak gently to yourself and do some things that are a little indulgent, but as the article rightly says, also keep doing the things that make you your best self – strong and able to be happy despite a setback. Also, one more thing, any feelings of rejection are actually coming from yourself. You are rejecting yourself if you feel those bad feelings, so don’t reject yourself – accept yourself totally.

  16. I really can be happy alone, I myself have been. My current problem in the relationship that I’m in is that I dont believe he wants or loves me and that he stays for other reasons, because we have NO contact and talk about breaking up ALL time, well? more like threaten and argue as to whether we should break up?
    I lost my father in December and I have been with the man I am with for 15 years, long story short, he cared more when the dog died. I was always VERY close to my dad and i feel like his death has made me WANT a “normal” adult relationship even more? I know I can be happy without him, but he makes it so hard to know what he feels, and I have NEVER been in a relationship where I had to ASK a man to come to bed???? what that is about is beyond me. The struggle I have is I CAN force myself to do all those things, I am happy a self confident within myself? but, he makes me feel like scum and worthless and wont spend anytime with me and uses stupid excuses like? “you didnt do dishes last night” and Im thinking? okay? the world didnt end? and dishes make it so we cant have sex, watch TV or play a board game? we live together in a house we bought so getting up a breaking a “lease” is not an option – right now? he sleeps on the couch with his stuff in the basement and I live out of the bedroom, and I want time ,love and atten he says I cant have those things unless I do XYZ< Im not the help! his ipad has taken over and I dont think "any" trick will fix this. I do wish there was advice out there on how to cope when your STUCK with a person that doesnt love you? and what do you do? when I ignore him he will just use that as more reason to not spend time with me and if i speak up for myself? I get the : your a headcase – your a nut job. I was a head case when my dad died, he wouldnt even hug me? I cryed for two weeks straight before he gave me 20 mins of atten and that was all i ever got.

  17. Phoenician lady | September 1, 2015 at 12:08 pm | Reply

    One month after our 20th anniversary, he decided to move on — because he was becoming progressively jealous (of course, he had no reason to). I was shocked of course, but while I wanted to understand the root cause of his jealousy, I knew that there was nothing to sway him. It’s possibly a lie he told to break it off. But I’m not going to drive myself crazy trying to deal with his rationale. In hindsight, I realize that my first instincts about him were spot on. And that he is exactly whom I believed he was/is: someone who did not have the stamina to go through life’s journey with me. While he maintained a steady enough pace the first few years, he gave up on the essentials more often than not, leaving me to deal with the aftermath all by myself. I learned that while he loved me deeply and that I love, respect, and honor him — he is not someone I can rely upon to protect and preserve my heart. Three months since the break up, contact is minimal and only as needed to resolve/dissolve partnerships and other financial ties. No children so that’s one less thing to worry about. No serious friends in common – another benefit for me. But I cherish his family — especially his parents. I hope I don’t have to let them go too. My family won’t accept the status quo and are pressing me to reconcile with him. I’m not going to even try under this type of external pressure. And I’m leaning on God to give me the strength and wisdom to deal with it all. In the meanwhile I prepare myself for the next chapter of my life. I am sad at times, but I’m more excited about what lies ahead. I have not felt so excited about the unknown until now. So I am embracing this alone time, my “oneness”…but like everything else, I trust this is a temporary status. God provided me with a wonderful man in the past, He will provide again. So thank you my sweet for the reminder…

  18. I really agree with this post! I exactly went through this, this past year! & let me tell you, I did many of those “should not’s” over again! But you are right about how much it makes a person stronger! I think the main thing some people may forget is how to recognize your strength when it comes to overcoming something so personal, embarrassing, and heartbreaking. It will never feel like you are strong, but deep down all that hurting is being repaired by the truth.! Sometimes I think it takes embarrassment to actually realize your own worth! & that is something I got out of it! Once you understand yourself only then you will be able to understand others! However, your point about respecting his wishes has just as much importance as respecting your own. If you want to be respected then you must give that in return. This was something I had trouble seeing when it came down to only seeing my wants over my needs.. I never needed to be put through that type of embarrassment, I never needed to force someone to care for me and I definitely never needed someone who didn’t need me.. but i let my wants over power the truth… and when i found out the truth I already had known, it hurt more than expected! SO ladies, never set yourself up for what you want… because life changes and in the end so do our needs. 🙂

  19. I am ashamed to say that I’m glad to see that I’m not alone and have seen struggle and strength in the previous posts i’ve just read.i thought i married the man of my dreams, who hind sight being 20-20 realized that more than half of the six years that we were married that he had me sssooo convinced that he was a man of truth and commitment and belief in God and that has would never lie to me, he was a personal trainer and body builder who quickly became the type of person he always said he never wanted anything to do with, he got on steroids so bad he was hospitalized 4 times in 6 months for kidney and liver issues not to mention i no longer knew who he was
    He was constantly at the gym and spending most of his time with another female trainer,they were spending time outside of the gym as well, my point to this is i gave him all my love and support and had been being lied to and the ultimate betrayal of emotional and physical investment in someone else. When everything came to a headi absolutely felt i had been thrown in the trash when i gave him my all everyday in every way. I literally am still so bitter and feel like a fool,him and the whore are still together and this has been 4 years ago. I don’t trust my judgment anymore and unfortunately don’t trust anyone. I allowed him to kill my soul, spirit, wanting anyone in my life. I still don’t date but I’m so lonely
    O read Rory Rae and all the others also mentioned above and also am tired of hearing the same thing, ,.i will reveal in that message how the do this that and the other just to find it’s another sales pitch. I understand you would benefit greatly from their program but don’t start a relationship with a potential customer who is already having issues with lies, trust and betrayal with being dishonest in the opening statements of your pitches promising certain questions will be answered in that immediate email. I’m certainly not going to build or listen to another self serving #!$!!:#! Who can’t start with doing what they say, so ladies I’m lost and no where to turn. I hate feeling bitter and deceived and betrayed to the extent i was,i just feel i have nothing to offer anyone, i gave 150 percent just to be thrown away like a piece of trash,if anyone has some helpful insight would be welcome, thanks letting me get this off my chest and i don’t wish this feeling on anyone, if ANYTHING i hope some of your situations haven’t been as hurtful as mine and you realize things can always be worse, i wish the best for all of you who are hurting or feel lost. God bless us all,thanks for listening!

  20. love the article. So on point and relevant.
    My problem is that we share a child, an amazing little boy. He comes now and then to pick him up and loves spending time with him.

    I cannot break any ties, avoid or stop talking to him because of this.

    It is hard, really!

  21. All I have to say is, if my ex bf wants me back, I can say with confidence that I don’t want him, he plays bad games, and if didn’t know what he wanted when he was with me, then I don’t want to go back to a man that plays selfish games. To put it simply, we were together for 4 years and it was a I’m to busy, I’m not ready to commit, and the final of all that was he was in a committed relationship with someone else while he spent time with me as I called it the booty call, I’m not second to anyone, If I’m not a priority then I don’t need a man in my life. Quite happy with myself.

  22. My best friend of 27 years dumped me after us dating for 13 years we have a 11 year old daughter he is dating bosses daughter he said he loves me and see I’m willing to try to fix our problems but he has to see if this is what he wants or not he don’t want to stay with me and wonder if he been happier with her or not. I try to let go but I just can’t seem to be able to. It got so bad with arguments that we almost quit being friends I see him 4-5 days a week when he picks up and drops off our kid so it’s very hard to move on when u see him all the time and when he here he acts like he still lives here buy doing what he wants to do. And our last convo I cried and he cried which hurt me to see but I know he still cares and loves me but I’m afraid he won’t come back even if he wanted to cause he is afraid of loosing his job of 18 years so I’m so confused and a mess and don’t know what to do when it comes to him. And out situation

  23. Where is the part about making him realise his mistake??????????????????????

  24. Its been 2.5yrs since ‘the breakup’. We were only together 6months.the 1st 3 was something out of a movie. We were crazy for each other, we were 16again… previously i was in a very abusive relationship (mentally and physically) for 8 years!!! After i escaped from that hell i was single, by choice, for 2years. Like didn’t even talk or text with a guy… i was messed up emotionally…. finally pulled through and began dating again. But was very cold and “guarded”. And then i met “the ex”… i had major trust issues and reallyndidnt know how to be in a “real relationship”.;which in turn caused him trust issues and fruatration, because he loved me so much it was breaking his heart. He then did what men do, and wrapped a shield around his heart. Long story short he broke it off bc he couldn’t see in me a future, even though he loves me so much. It took me a long time to understand his actions. And many online articles and programs to understand how someone could walk away so easily… but it wasn’t at all.. We still see eachother. Barely lately (my choice) . I’ve made all the mistakes..and I’ve succeeded all of the ‘do this and get him back”.;but non of it lasts bc its not ME!! and the ‘post breakup you isn’t YOU either… in my situation everything i was doing was pushing him away and hurting me with each attempt even more. Even if i did get him to chase me a bit with each effort. Or “technique”… i still love him. And he loves me.. but i got to the point where it seemed like so much effort and disappointment just to get this guy to look at me and want me like he USED TO when we first met… back when “i” didn’t really care if he liked me or not, whether it worked out and lasted, or whether I’d ever see him again! After my 8yr long relationship in past, i had a death grip on my feelings and decided who i liked and didn’t and when… i lost that control with this guy. And it made me mental!!!!! Still does… but that was caused byvtrauma, I’ve got some control on my feelings again. And now its caused by exhaustion of my efforts and constant headspace this guy was taking.. he calls and texts men like crazy lately… finally!!!! The best part is, and i mean BEST part… i don’t even really care! Its nice bc of all the time, tears, money, fatigue and legit rollercoaster of emotion and hurts i feel I’ve gone through…but now that my SOUL has lost its mojo. In that relationship… its the best feeling in the world. And the feeling really doesn’t associate with him either… I’m basically back to who i was when i first met him (didn’t give two hoots who the he’ll he was standing in my way..) i was me. And he sees ME again… not someone trying all these mind strategies. And fake ‘i don’t careor need you” presentations… because now its the real deal. I Don’t care whether he wants to be with me now.. or if anyone does. Im done trying! Its f&;*! $g exhausting! And i like me better not giving a s#!+… who wouldn’t! He has told me he misses me all the time. Every time… and I’m just like “ha. No kidding! I’ miss me too! Its been a minute”. Very ling comment, in know. But reading all the hurt, sad and desperate comments (no offense by any means..) i felt the need to share my outcome.. it took what felt like forever, and having some regrets along the way.. i feel like i can read a man better than myself or my bff. And am earily in tune with my emotions and self dimeanering.. its awesome!! Who cares about a dumb ass man who doesn’t like me. Truth is, they DO like us. They like US ffiguratively as in “me”.. and there is no”u” in me… so concentrate on YOU.. and be You again without him being a part, and watch. Time is EVERYTHING!! and if you don’t know how to love yourself or about yourself.. well guaranteed he wont either…clearly he loves himself. Hes not living with anything that makes him unhappy.. even if it means hurting people.. so then just be selfish as hell . and put yourself before everyone bc that’s what YOU want.. and see what happens.

    hugs to all of you. It truly is all about YOU! not them.. not any1. Believe it! Or else pretend you believe it! And put your time and energy into fake loving yourself.

    Ps- Also, sounds crazy.. but i used to lecture myself.. out loud to stop thinking about that loser.. and remind myself he wanted ME..and picture his face next time he sees me.. (over there.. with a big ass smile on my face, looking and feelings better than he’s seen me… not giving a F$(&!!! 😀 xoxoxo

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  26. dont chase replace | May 24, 2016 at 10:52 am | Reply

    Well ladies I just got cheated on after 7yeara of being married and let me tell u something it didn’t feel good had a spy app to confirm then wen my husband went to see this woman he knew I was visiting my mom so it have him that time to go see this woman then as he arrived home I waited in the dark with a broom the moment he enterted I hit him then chased him out the house now he is sitting and crying over spilled milk 5mins of pleasure coated him 7years of marriage …

  27. Well my advice is if he friend zoned you then end the friendship right then and there because a friendship won’t work out for you I know it doesn’t for me either I’ve had to do that before a few times of course the one guy was a jerk to me then the second time it was a little harder for me because he’s so sweet but I had to it hurt too much now when I talk to him it’s awkward because I know he wants nothing more than friendship but he knows it won’t happen

  28. Molly, I’ve been where you are,turn to your heart and pray, through pain we learn and grow spiritual, find the purest love within yourself, its unconditional, true love ask for nothing, as no boundaries, no one can hurt your spirit, only the ego hurts, the ego is what you believe is yourself to be ,your so much more than that, the ego as to burn to come into the light of your true nature,, hope this helps, namaste,

  29. Its a good article its easyer said than done. I don’t understand relationship any more. I really enjoy reading most of the articles.thanks.

  30. my thot is that i DIDN’T friend zone my guy, cas all my friend zone guys are madly in love with me. dam. and i can see he’s madly in love with the women who have friend zoned HIM!!!

    and so next time, if there is one, and there always seems to be a next one, looking or not, he will have to undergo the hell i put men thru to get into my freeking friend zone.

    becas i see how i will never dump my friends, nor will he ever dump his. and if we stay in the friend zone forever, it will be true love. AMEN! GLORIA!

    and ya these bait and switch articles can go to hell!!!! they just like the dam guys for pete’s sake!!!

  31. If you can love yourself in the face of rejection you are invincible pretty much. You have given yourself the chance to love another day.

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  34. Yes, very sensible stuff. Remember though that not everyone has the benefit of family and friends close enough to confide in. And sometimes the friends you have fun and laughs with will run a mile when it’s your turn to request a little TLC from them. At difficult times I’ve always searched out beautiful and amusing things to remind myself that life is good and it’s worth hanging in there to fight another day.

  35. Anyone in a long-term relationship needs to know how to handle rejection. It’s inevitable just as it is in dating. I think people can get better at it and that’s what this article is about. It’s just like when people give it out. They can get better at understanding when their actions are hurting someone else even if they don’t know it.

  36. Bernice Adjei | August 1, 2017 at 12:00 pm | Reply

    Thank you very much.

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