3 Reasons Why a Broken Heart is Not So Bad

3 Reasons Why a Broken Heart is Not So Bad

By Mirabelle Summers
Author of 2nd Chance

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3 Reasons Why a Broken Heart is Not So Bad

Breakups are hard. They are painful as hell. And while you’re in that hole, you feel like there’s no getting out of it.

You feel your self-worth diminishing by the second, doubt creeps in and replaces all your happy memories with probable lies, misery gets ready to set up shop in the next corner, and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting fainter and fainter.

Everyone who’s ever had to go through their fair share knows that this is only phase 1 of the breakup. After all, it’s not called broken for nothing.

But you need to see it as just temporary for it to be temporary because you manifest into reality what it is you believe it to be.

When you feel ready to come out of the first phase, remember these 3 reasons why having a broken heart isn’t as bad as you feel.

1. You find who’s really there for you.

There’s nothing like troubled times to know who’s got your back for real. A lot of friends will say they’re there for you, but when the time in need comes, they disappear like clouds.

When you’ve got nothing to offer, not even a kind word to spare, the people who are there to supply them for you are the ones who deserve a slot in your life.

You will see how priceless these friendships really are, and you’ll be a better friend because of it.

2. Your confidence will shoot right back up.

Yes, you’re at your lowest, you feel like you have nothing, but pretty soon, you’ll realize what it really means–that you can do no wrong.

You literally have nothing to lose and that gives you the free pass to try anything and everything that you want.

You can get a haircut, and if it turns out bad, it won’t make you feel as crappy as when you came from a good one.

You can apply for a job and get turned down, but it won’t make you feel as defeated.

Because you’re coming from a low point, you’re not falling from very high. Starting again isn’t as devastating anymore.

So when you do get a break, or a series of breaks, your climb up feels like leaps.

You’ll feel as if every step is a leap from one mountain to the next.

3. You have a clean slate.

Clean slates are hard to come by in life. There are few instances where you really feel like you’re able to start from zero and rebuild what it is that needs rebuilding.

Getting out of a bad relationship (even if you didn’t think it was bad), is one of those times.

It’s not just a clean slate in the romance department, but also in other areas of your life.

You can reinvent yourself into a better version, think You 2.0.

Just as friends are weeded out of your life through a natural selection type of process while growing up, that’s what happens to lovers too…

…When they have served their purpose in your life, to make you learn a lesson, or to help you through a dark time, or whatever it is, they exit.

And they are replaced later on by another person, or by what you need.

But what if you could START OVER with someone that you already broke up with?

Did you know that sometimes breakups are like broken bones?… In that when they heal, they grow stronger than ever before.

I’m not saying all people should get back with their ex’s – that’s for you to evaluate.

But if you do want them back, then this will help you decide if you’ve got a chance:

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  1. Looked at from this perspective, breaking up doesn’t seem such a bad thing to do.

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