The 7 best places to take her on a date… and why

Today I’m going to be sharing some expert knowledge which will help you to take her on the date of her life and hook her in like no man has before.

I want you to begin by thinking of those steamy action movie scenes where the guy finally has the girl throwing herself in his arms, while gunshots and explosions fire all around them. Do you want to have a woman kissing you like that?

Sometimes movies can be like real life.

I’m going to share with you now a true story about a friend and old work colleague of mine called Jake, and the event that changed his life. Then I will explain to you the secret that will have your dates ending with scenes as steamy as the movies.

Jake and Lucy’s Story

Jake lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, and at the time this story took place was struggling to hold down a steady job, was getting into a bit of trouble with the local authorities and didn’t have much of an idea of what he wanted for his future.

On the 22nd of February, 2011, Jake was walking down a central city street after just having had met a friend for lunch. All of a sudden, the footpath beneath his feet started shaking. The multiple-storey buildings around him started swaying and groaning. And everyone began to scream.

Jake watched in horror as he witnessed a building in the distance collapse, while petrified workers all around him poured out of their offices in desperate bids to get out before it was too late. Amongst the chaos, Jake managed to make it to a nearby park and took out his phone to contact his friend. There was no signal.

He remained there, in shock, surrounded by hundreds of hysterical others who were all crying out for friends and family whose wellbeing was unknown. Again, earthquake had struck.

Hours passed as officials held all within the park boundaries, doing their best to calm the panic that had spread like wildfire. Feeling helpless, Jake looked around for what he could do to help during this time.
When finally occupants were given the all clear to leave via a ‘safe route’ out of the city, Jake set out for the long walk home. But as he was leaving, Jake suddenly became caught in the eyes of a beautiful, lone young woman.

Jake was instantly affected by how vulnerable and shaken this woman looked, and without thinking he asked if she was okay, then immediately followed this with “Sorry, that’s a stupid question”. The woman looked at Jake with wide blue eyes and said “No, that’s okay, I’m okay thanks”, and fell into step with him.

Their conversation flowed easily as they began recounting their version of events of the earthquake, and expressing their concerns for friends and family in the city. Lucy, the young woman, was studying to become a teacher and had been just about to catch the bus from the city to the university, for her afternoon lectures.

Lucy and Jake discovered they lived not far from each other, and Jake offered to walk Lucy home. As they walked, the attraction between them seemed to grow, and before long Jake had taken Lucy’s small hand in his.

Jake could not believe he had just met this amazing and beautiful woman, and felt an intense need to protect her. Lucy was equally taken away by having this strong man looking out for her after the shocking event that had just shaken their city, and felt so comforted by his presence.

Jake and Lucy shared a very passionate first kiss outside Lucy’s home on the outskirts of the city.

From that day on, they have been inseparable. The couple now live together in Australia, where Jake has established himself in a successful career

Despite the terrible tragedy that occurred in Christchurch that day, Jake still feels incredibly grateful for the events that led to him meeting the love of his life.

Phew. I hope everyone got through that okay. Jake and Lucy’s story still amazes me, and I truly do believe that they would not have got together under any other circumstances.

Lucy was, in all honesty, out of Jake’s league at this time. But she was able to see the best in him, and form a lasting bond through a very frightening experience.

Now we’re going to be looking a little deeper into what was going on for Jake and Lucy that day, before we move into how you can use this knowledge to take women on dates that will rock their world.

Why is it that people seem to fall for each other during times of high stress?

According to psychology, this comes down to the misattribution of arousal theory: the theory that any physiological arousal can be misattributed to feelings for a potential mate.

And it works. Research has shown that under times of high anxiety, such as when walking over a high suspension bridge, people are more likely to feel attracted and want to pursue an attractive potential mate.

In other words, our mind mistakes some of the arousal we feel from being in an anxiety-provoking environment to this attractive person in our presence. So in our case of Jake and Lucy, the fear and adrenaline flowing through them after the earthquake is likely to have increased their feelings of attraction for each other.

Now how does this all relate to taking a woman on an amazing first date?

Don’t worry, I am not saying you need a situation as extreme as an earthquake to get an amazing woman to notice you. But what we can do is use this knowledge to work in our favour when we take a woman on a date: by creating a thrilling environment that will increase her arousal levels and make her that much more likely to fall head-over-heels.
Basically, the idea is to take your lady on a date that will make her feel a little vulnerable, challenge her, and give her an adrenaline rush. Here are some great ideas:

1. Take her up somewhere high.
For example, take her up a tower, for a picnic up a hill, or on a walk which involves a high bridge.

2. Take her to a theme park.
Theme parks are already naturally designed to increase your arousal levels. After a couple of rides together on the rollercoaster, things should be feeling steamy.

3. Do something daring together.
If your woman has a daring streak, why not go the whole way and book in an activity that will really get your heart racing: bungee jumping, skydiving, white-water rafting, jetboating, the choice is yours 

4. Participate in a sports activity.
If your girl is into sports, there is no easier way to get her adrenaline going than getting active. Perhaps you’d like to invite your date to play in a mixed indoor sports team with you, or to have a game of frisbee on the beach. It could be any sport you are both into – just add an element of fun!

5. Take her to a scary or thrilling movie.
A classic example: taking her to a scary or thrilling movie. This will evoke feelings of fear and soon have her reaching for your hand across the seat.

6. Play a game of paintball.
Again, a hunt-or-be-hunted game like paintball will really challenge her and heighten those arousal levels. Just be sure to not go too hard on her!

7. Take her to a café (huh?)
No, really – if being active really isn’t her thing (or yours), then a more subtle way to stimulate her arousal levels is to feed some caffeine into her bloodstream! Coffee is a stimulant and creates some of the same physical effects as fear: increased heartbeat, increased intake of oxygen, and sharper reaction times.

Taking your date on this type of activity, rather than your typical sit-down dinner, has a lot of added benefits:

– These activities are perfectly designed to break the ice early on and reduce any potential awkwardness.
– You are both guaranteed to have a lot of fun!
– Your date’s attraction towards you is likely to be increased.

It’s all win-win! So next time you have the opportunity to take a woman on a date, don’t just give her a night out. Give her an experience.