Signs Your Ex’s Rebound Relationship Will Fail

Signs Your Ex's Rebound Relationship Will Fail

By Brad Browning
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Signs Your Ex’s Rebound Relationship Will Fail

Today, I’m gonna be talking about some signs that that indicate that your ex is rebound relationship is going to fail.

First, I have to say that I know this situation can be tough, and it can really hurt a lot.

You know… you’ve just broken up with your ex and it can be extremely difficult knowing that he or she is moving on so quickly almost as if your relationship didn’t even happen at all.

This topic is actually pretty straightforward, so please check out my video below:

In my ten years of experience, I’ve discovered that the rebound relationships typically don’t last that long.

So if you’re worried that your ex has already fallen madly in love with another person, just know that the chances of that relationship actually turning into something long-term is relatively low.

But how do you know for sure that your ex’s rebound relationship will fail like the rest of them?

Well, here are a few signs to look for:

Sign #1. They don’t give themselves time to grieve after your relationship ended

If your relationship has ended and your ex hasn’t given herself time to lament your past relationship then that’s a pretty good indication that she isn’t ready for any relationship at all.

Chances are this rebound relationship is only going to serve as your ex’s temporary reprieve.

You know right now she’s protecting herself from the sadness of your break up because she’s afraid to grieve and unwilling to accept the situation…

So, if your ex doesn’t give herself at least 3 to 4 weeks to recover before dating somebody else, you can be certain that they’re rushing into a rebound relationship that will probably fail.

Think about it, since your partner didn’t give herself enough time to get over the break-up, you’re going to be on their mind all the time.

And once your ex starts bringing up your name to the to the new rebound partner, a riff usually forms and the rebound relationship will fade quickly after that.

And of course, since your ex never really got to cope with the sadness of the break-up, your ex is going to begin exposing this repressed sadness to her new partner, and this is only going to end their rebound relationship quicker than you can say thanks Brad Browning.

Sign #2. They still talk to You

This is a pretty obvious indication that your ex’s rebound relationship is going to fail.

I mean if your ex is constantly trying to contact you…

…if they’re Facebooking, texting you or emailing you then you can be certain that she’s still thinking about you all the time, and that she simply isn’t ready to move on to a brand-new relationship.

So if you’re still not over your ex and you want her back into your life, I can teach you exactly what to say to ensure that you do get a second shot.

Sign #3. They still talk about You

So, if you hear through a mutual friend that your ex is still talking about you even though they’re in a brand-new relationship, you can be sure that your ex is definitely not over you.

Again, people need time to heal after a relationship especially if it was a long and serious relationship.

And if your ex is still talking about you, that means you’re still on their mind. However, you certainly can have a healthy relationship with somebody else.

If you do hear that your ex is talking about you, you can be sure that this is a good sign and that her rebound relationship is likely to fail.

Sign #4. The Rebound Relationship is Rushed

If you feel like your ex’s rebound is progressing too quickly, then you’re probably right. At the moment, your ex is probably doing whatever she can to replace you as quickly as possible.

She wants to replace the loneliness and emptiness that she feels with somebody else, and the quickest way to do that is to jump into a rebound relationship.

Now, I don’t have to tell you that this is obviously not the basis for a healthy relationship.

So if you feel like your ex is suddenly ready to call her new partner a boyfriend or if she’s moving in with somebody quicker than expected, then that it’s pretty clear that their relationship is going to crash and burn fairly soon.

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