The Secret To Create Immediate Attraction

Here’s one of the great ironies of dating: The women who say that you’re a guy that “any girl would love to have as a boyfriend” are also the LEAST likely to actually go out with you.

Heck, you might be what those women would call “quality boyfriend material”, but for some reason, they themselves would NEVER want to get romantically involved with you.

Ask them on a date, and these women who think so highly of you will also be the first ones to also turn you down.

You know why? It’s not because they’re lying to you or playing head games. They truly believe every word they’re telling you.

The thing is, they can’t see themselves being the actual woman in the relationship they think you’re so ready for. In other words, these women feel no CHEMISTRY around you.

And that’s really what attraction is all about: hardwiring a woman’s mind to see you in a certain way.

Women who only see you as a friend can only imagine you ending up with someone who deserves you. However, their frame of mind will always prevent them from seeing themselves as that “someone.”

So where does that leave you? Are you just going to swear off dating altogether and resent women for being attracted to you?

Are you going to settle for having non-romantic relationships with the women in your life, forever stuck in the dreaded “friend zone”?

Obviously, you’re not the kind of guy who’s going to let this problem cramp your style. You can, in fact, do something right now to take control of your luck with women and make them start seeing you the right way:

#1: State Your Business Right Away

Ok, so the first thing you need to do is project the impression to women that you’re not someone they should “friendzone”. That’s because once they perceive you as that kind of guy, they’ll only want to hang out with you in the same way as their other “harmless” friends.

That means long-winded conversations where they complain about their job, co-workers, or why good men (like you) are hard to find. But none of the time you’ll spend with these women will bring you closer to being more than friends with them.

So that means you should be intent on making a different kind of connection – the one where there’s plenty of room for romantic tension.

And this needs to be done right from the very start. That means you can’t do this when you’ve known each other for a couple of months, or even the day after you met her.

If dating gurus like Mystery and Neil Strauss are to be believed, creating an atmosphere of attraction needs to be done literally within the first few minutes of knowing each other.

According to them, this is the only window of opportunity you’ll ever have to create the first spark of attraction in her mind.

#2: Get In Her Head

In spite of this time frame however, I’m not saying you need to make her fall in love with you at first sight.

Ever watch the movie “Inception”? The story is about corporate spies who invaded other people’s dreams in order to plant certain ideas in their targets’ minds and influence their decisions.

In the same way, you also need to “hack” into a woman’s mind and plant the idea that you could very well be their next boyfriend. As long as you’ve lodged the idea in her gray matter nice and deep, you’ll forever keep her from seeing you as “just a friend.”

But how is this hacking actually done? Well, it starts with the basic way you interact with women.

Ask yourself the following:

– Am I using humor to keep her “on her toes”?

– Do I have the nerve to poke fun at her in a good-spirited way?

– Am I dropping subtle clues that I like her?

– Am I actively “turning it up a notch” over a period of time until my feelings about her are as clear as day?

– Do I make her feel that I’m socially valuable?

These are the key components which will make her think: “He seems like an interesting guy…” or “Let’s see where this goes.” Once you make these essentials part of your interactions with women, you’ll always have their attention – and not the platonic kind either.

#3: Temper Yourself

As immediate as you need to create this impression however, there is a danger of overdoing it. It’s a bit of tightrope to walk really, because instead of being seen as a harmless friend, you could fall into the other extreme as well.

On the other side of the coin, it is possible to turn off women by being too aggressive. I’m talking about relentlessly trying to pick up girls left and right, thinking that eventually one of them is going to take the bait.

In a way of speaking, dating is a numbers game because you do need to try again if it doesn’t work out with a certain girl. But the kind of persistence you should avoid is one that reeks of desperation.

Women have a radar for this kind of thing, and resorting to overused canned material or leering at women like some hungry wolf is going to set off their “jerk alarm.” The thing about women is that the more aggressive and obvious you are about wanting their approval, the LESS chance you’ll have of getting it.

Like I said earlier, an attractive guy doesn’t hit a girl over the head with his romantic agenda. He employs the “slow burn” approach (albeit from the very start) until she realizes that she can’t get him out of her head.

Attracting women is a phenomenon that occurs in phases. If you skip a stage, you could blow the game too early and kill the tension. So it’s important to pace yourself once you’ve gotten a woman’s mind on the right track.

Now, doing all of this might seem complicated and intimidating at first, but all you need is a solid guide to see you all the way through the entire process. I highly suggest you check out the fine line of relationship and dating courses on our site to fast track your process TODAY.

Of course, you’re welcome to try this on your own and enjoy limited results, but I think you’re definitely better off learning from a system where all the work is done for you. All you need is to get on the path and start learning the steps!