3 Sure-Fire Ways To Be Romantic

By definition, romance is the act of “making amorous advances towards someone.”  The end objective then, is to elicit feelings of excitement and infatuation from your actions.

The problem with most guys is dealing with the specifics of getting this done.  Here are three effective ways to get a woman thinking of you as more than “just a friend”:

#1: Act With Abundance, Not Desperation

Surprisingly, some men have a sense of entitlement when they try to attract women.  They think that just because they’re putting in the effort, women should automatically fall in love with them.

Dating is not a matter of “Now that I paid for dinner, what’s in it for me?”  That’s neediness talking.

Desperation is not a good vibe to give out, and women can smell this a mile away.  Being focused on the outcome – and worse, basing your self-worth on it – is not the kind of attitude you should bring into a date.

Live for the moment and enjoy being with a girl, no matter how it may turn out in the end.  You can’t have a thousand thoughts running in the back of your mind AND focus your attention on her at the same time.

#2: Realize That Intimacy Takes Time

Seduction is a gradual process.  If you haven’t properly calibrated a woman’s interest level, she won’t be comfortable enough to get more physical with you.

You have to understand that romance goes through stages.  If a girl feels rushed going through them too quickly (like a candlelit dinner on the first date), she’ll be uncomfortable with the urgency.

Instead, she needs to move at her pace and allow herself to get used to the idea of seeing you in a romantic light.  You can do this by priming her on the first date; as mentioned previously, getting to know her and then using the knowledge on a later date is a better way to her heart.

Once you figure out what she truly likes, you can accordingly respond with a personalized gift or by having your next dinner at a place that serves her favorite food.

Taking the time to make a road map of her inner world makes your efforts more genuine and shows her that you’re patient.

#3: Be Self-Assured

Part of being romantic is showing a woman that you’re in control.  When you’ve gone past the first date and start getting serious, you can imply your confidence in a subtle way.

For instance, don’t be timid in making plans once you’ve figured out what she’s into.  If she’s the intellectual type, take her through a series of activities that will appeal to her mind, such as a book signing, bookstore opening, poetry reading night, art exhibit, foreign film festival and so on.

Women, no matter how strong-willed some of them are, still want to kick back and relax as their man takes them for a ride.  Be the decisive kind of guy a girl can lean on, and she’ll have no problem getting romantic with you in due time.

Now that you’ve learned how to get romantic with a girl, make these tips a habit.  Once you’ve incorporated them into your dating routine, they’ll become a natural extension of your personality.

In time, you’ll develop the attitude and mindset of men who are successful in the dating world!