How to Get A Guy If You’re A Virgin

How to Get A Guy If You're A Virgin

By Amy North
From Devotion System

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How to Get A Guy If You’re A Virgin

When it comes to sex, talking about your experiences or number can be scary.

For instance, if you tell a man a number he considers high, then you look easy.  If you tell a man a number that’s low, you’re inexperienced.

But what if you’ve never had sex at all?

How do you explain that you still have your V-Card?

…And more importantly, how do you get men?

Today, I want to talk about dating as a virgin. Please watch my video below:

We all know that Hollywood has glorified the idea of a man getting with a virgin because she’s pure and clean.

The reality of that situation, however, is that not every guy wants to date a virgin and for various reasons.

Some worry that she won’t want to have sex.  Others are scared of being the one who takes her virginity because they fear she’ll want a serious connection afterward.

And still, others worry that the sex won’t be good.

So then, how do you get a guy if you’re virgin?

Here’s the thing: your personal decision to hold off on sex shouldn’t make you undateable.

In fact, if a guy refuses to date you for that reason, then you’re probably dodging a bullet there anyways.

The key to getting a guy as a virgin is being honest with him, and confident in your decision to wait.

Instead of being shy or embarrassed about holding off in the sex department, be proud of your willpower to wait, and know your reasons for doing so.

For instance, if it’s for religious reasons, tell him.

If it’s because you haven’t found someone that you want to be intimate with or because you want it to mean something special when you do finally make love, then let him know.

Whatever your reason, know it and own it.

Being confident that your decision to wait on sex can be extremely admirable.  Some men will even appreciate that you’re saving yourself for The One.

So again, the key here is, to be honest with guys and believe in your reasons for waiting.

This is the perfect opportunity to put on your Big Girl pants be straight with him. No matter what happens, he’ll respect you for it.

(And speaking from experience, this makes you even more attractive in his eyes!)

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