Does He Really Love You?

By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

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Does He Really Love You?

Relationships aren’t easy; we all already know that. They take hard work, patience, and forgiveness.

Sometimes, the going gets rough. You start to find holes in the relationship that are proving tricky to patch up.

Few things are worse than wondering if your man really loves you. Nothing eats away at your spirit like sitting there thinking that his feelings for you aren’t what you’re hoping for. There are ways to figure him out, though.

Love is murky, but we can help clear it up. Here are a few ways to determine if he really loves you.

Always remember that words mean very little if the action isn’t there to back them up. Does your mate tell you that he loves you? Stupendous. Does he show you? Yes? Fantastic. No? We’ve got a problem.

A day can’t go by where two people don’t do something—anything!—to remind each other of how much they love each other. It can be big or small, simple or complex.

Maybe he fixes that flat tire you got and saves you a load of stress. Maybe he bought you a bouquet of your favorite flowers to brighten your day. Maybe he’s taking you on that vacation you’ve been dreaming about since work has been getting on your nerves. You get the point.

Think of it this way: If you taped your mate’s mouth shut and judged his love for you only by his actions, would he pass or fail?

Don’t forget that when a man loves you, he WILL make you a priority. You will be a factor in his decision-making.

You will be one of the first people that he considers. You will matter.

If he can go about his life and disregard you and your feelings completely, then he obviously doesn’t care that much for you. When someone loves you, he’ll want to know what you think and how you feel.

He’ll make time for you. He’ll make sure that you’re involved in his life and he’ll certainly make sure that he’s involved in yours.

Remember that you’re in a relationship because you want it to be two people: you and him. If he seems to be in a relationship with only himself, tell him that you think him and himself will be VERY happy together, and move on!

Here’s something else to look into if you’re wondering if he really loves you: Does he respect himself? Does he love himself?

These things matter greatly when questioning whether or not he really loves you. Whether you like it or not, folks, if he can’t love and respect himself, he can’t love and respect you. This one is a biggie.

Take a good look at your partner: If you’re sensing that he’s got even a bit of self-hatred, that could very well explain why you’re not feeling the love from him. A problem like this requires him (maybe with your help) to get to the root of this problem and fix his relationship with himself first.

If he’s healthy and happy, then that will help the relationship be healthy and happy.

If you examine all of these aspects of your relationship and determine that your partner really does love you, then you’re a lucky duck, and congrats, congrats, congrats! If you’re finding cracks in the relationship, it’s time to sit down with your mate and have a serious talk.

If the love is gone, don’t spend any more time giving your heart to someone who doesn’t appreciate it and won’t give you theirs in return. There are plenty of cute, smart, successful, affectionate fish in the sea!

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