Are You Dating Someone Toxic? 7 Signs to Look For

Are You Dating Someone Toxic? - 7 Signs to Look For

By Amy North
From Devotion System

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Are You Dating Someone Toxic?  7 Signs to Look For. . .

Are you’re dating this guy but something feels off and you can’t seem to pinpoint the problem but your gut is telling you needs trouble? How can you know for sure?

Now I know that dating the wrong guy can be a tough reality to face but if you can relate to these signs when I’m about to cover then it’s probably time to call it quits with your man.

As much as you may care about them it’s important that you care about YOU more, your personal well-being should always be the most important thing to you.

Let’s get going.

7 signs that you’re dating a toxic person:

Sign #1. He’s controlling

When you hear the word controlling you probably think of some sort of stern dictator psycho maniac. But, the truth is not all controlling people work on fear and belittle men.

Your partner could very well be manipulating you in a less obvious or even seemingly loving way.

For example, if you have self-esteem issues. And he uses them against you by telling you that you’ll never do better than him, that’s a sure sign of a toxic relationship. Take a step back and realize that you deserve better

Sign #2. He always blames you

Whether it’s for your relationship problems, his own unhappiness, or the things that go wrong in his life. If your partner is constantly blaming you anytime something goes less than perfect – it’s because he’s a toxic person.

If this happens it’s important not to beat yourself up over it.  Rather, realize that he’s blaming you to protect his own self-esteem.

In fact, it’s been proven that the more insecure a person is the more likely they are to blame others for their own issues.

That said this doesn’t justify you sticking around to help him feel better about himself.  So, whether it’s a matter of not picking up the mill, being late for work, or the state of your apartment – if he’s making you the root of all evil then find the courage to leave.

After all, it’s one thing to be open about your relationship issues, but another if he’s always manipulating the situation and blaming you. Not being able to take responsibility for his role in your relationship is a BIG red flag.

Sign #3. His mood swings are unpredictable

If one minute he seems fine and the next he’s screaming at you – then there’s no doubt about it you’re dating someone toxic!

Hand-in-hand with my previous point, this kind of partner will likely try to make you feel bad for his outbursts and may even put the blame on you. If your boyfriend is a mix of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde then it’s a sure sign of an unhealthy relationship and toxic partner.

Sign #4. He’s dishonest

Whether he’s lying about where he’s been or making up stories for no reason at all – a dishonest partner is a toxic partner.

Since relationships are built on trust if you have to constantly pick and choose what to believe then it’s probably time to call it quits. After all, why would you want to stick around?

Sign #5. He’s condescending

If any time you say something, he belittles your opinion or talks to you like a child then alarm bells should be ringing.

Same goes for if any time you tell a story and he interrupts to correct you or argues your point.

A condescending partner is a toxic one. So unless you want to be treated as a less-than instead of an equal walk away.  These kinds of guys are tough, if not impossible to change.

Sign #6. He doesn’t support your dreams, goals, and aspirations

You apply to school and he says you’re too old to get a degree. You dream of backpacking India, but he thinks it’s a lame idea.

When you have dreams and goals, your partner should be encouraging them and watching you grow. If he only considers his own ambitions worthwhile, then you’re in a non-healthy relationship.

Pay attention to these kinds of toxic comments. Chances are they’ll make an appearance anytime something makes him feel insecure.

Regardless of his personal issues, if your man is uncomfortable with your successes, belittles your ambitions, or downplays your achievements – then this isn’t a healthy relationship.

Sign #7. He chooses to pick fights instead of solving problems

We’ve all been in an argument before.

Be it with a partner, friend, co-worker or parent. The thing with arguments is that in order to get past them you have to be willing to maturely address the issue together.  The key word here being ‘maturely’.

If you’re dating the kind of guy who uses arguments as a way to insult you or put you down, then you’ve got yourself toxic man.

For instance, let’s say you get into an argument about a mess he’s made. Instead of apologizing and dealing with the issue, he calls you a bitch or says you need to relax.

This isn’t acceptable.

If your man treats every issue like an attack or tries to even the scoreboard by putting you down, it’s important to get out.

This kind of emotional abuse isn’t worth sticking around for. And believe me there’s a guy out there who will want to talk up problems instead of call names.

There you have it, seven sure signs that you’re dating someone toxic.

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  1. Thank you for writing this article. Maybe some day I will find someone who has at least none of the problems you describe above.
    Best article on what men to avoid at all costs. Of course, this is probably why I have so few dates. but it is worth it to remind yourself how weird our society has become. Dang!!

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