6 Reasons Men Disappear (#4 is SO COMMON)

6 Reasons Men Disappear

By Amy North
From Devotion System

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6 Reasons Men Disappear

Ever wonder why some guys stay for long haul…

… while others fall off the face of the earth?

For the men who pull away and vanish, they’ve got their reasons – six of them, to be exact…

#1. You’re A Big-Time Clinger

If you text him too much, call him too much or always want to hang out 24/7 and you’re unknowingly pushing him away faster than you can say “Amy North”.

Remember that having extra space in a relationship is good. It allows him and you, time to breathe.

It allows both of you to pursue passions and interests that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise do as a couple.

Not only this but giving him some space allows him time to miss you, and that is a fundamental part of creating and keeping attraction with a man.

So instead of smothering him, set him free. Let him realize how amazing you are when you aren’t around.

#2. The Sexual Attraction is Fading

Remember how it was when your relationship started…

Everything was exciting and new and your bodies were overflowing with dopamine (aka the love drug).

You felt high and like nothing could bring the two of you down.

But after a few months, the lust began to fade and the sex got a little boring.

This fading of sexual attraction can be a big reason why men pull away.

#3. He Has Other Things Going On In His Life

Yes, surprise surprise, not everything is about you.

Sometimes your guy might seem to have just a little bit too much stuff on his plate to concentrate on a relationship.

Believe it or not, it happens.

So if he’s really busy with work or school or something personal is going on in his life, then it’s time to simply back off and let it ride out.

Just like in tip 1, putting too much pressure on him will make him run for the hills.

#4. Boredom

Yes, boredom is a HUGE relationship killer. It can turn a perfectly good relationship into something stale.

When something is too comfortable and boring, people leave.

If things just aren’t spicy enough in the relationship, then don’t be surprised if your man is looking elsewhere for his kicks.

So what’s he here for boredom? Fun, of course!

Try and keep things fresh and new by trying new things and going out on interesting dates.

Maybe pick up a new hobby or passion and invite him to do it with you.

Do your best to keep things new, and your guy will be addicted to you in no time.

#5. He’s Got Too Much Responsibility Elsewhere

Sometimes a man just doesn’t feel good enough to be in a relationship.

Whether it’s because he doesn’t have enough money, or he simply doesn’t feel like he’s giving you enough time, a feeling of inadequacy can make a man disappear from a perfectly good relationship.

The cure… make him feel like he’s contributing to your relationship!

A man needs to feel like he can provide for his family and loved ones. And when he feels like he’s not doing his job, he’ll feel like a part of his manhood got chopped off.

So be sure to shower him with compliments when he does something for you.  Always make it known to him that you appreciate him!

#6. Finally, He May Not Be Right

If a guy is pulling away from you and you don’t know why, maybe it’s simply because you guys just aren’t right for each other.

I know this is something that you probably don’t want to hear, but not everyone is compatible with everyone.

Sometimes, letting the guy go is the BEST choice.

So, there you have it the 6 Reasons Why Men Disappear.

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