3 Conversation Topics That Ruin Relationships

3 Conversation Topics That Ruin Relationships

By Amy North
From Devotion System

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3 Conversation Topics That Ruin Relationships

Hi there, today I want to talk about specific conversations that ruin new relationships.

For those of you who don’t know me I’m a relationship coach from the west coast to Canada and over the last few years I’ve been working with women around the world to improve their love lives

Today, I want to take it from the top and talk about three topics that end relationships before they even have the chance to blossom.

In other words, talks to kill your chances of going the distance with a new partner.

Now, you maybe asking yourself why it is that I’m stressing new relationships in early days and that’s because all young couples who have been together for awhile and know one another well.

Certain topics can drive away a new love interest because you haven’t gotten the chance to know you well enough just yet you’ll understand what I mean better in a moment.

So, the first conversation that can ruin a new relationship is one that goes something like this:

You and your guy are chatting and you mention a female he knows, be it a friend, colleague whoever but instead of listening to a story you start asking who this woman is and question their relationship, has he hooked up with her? Is he attracted to her? the works.

Unfortunately, this feeling of luring comes on so strongly that you end up asking him these questions. The problem here is twofold.

If he says yes, then you were never going to want him to be around her regardless of how long ago their rendezvous happened.

If he says no, well you’re probably going to question it still, it may even convince yourself that he’s lying to avoid getting you jealous not to mention how insecure you look and how awkward that conversation may be.

So really, this conversation is a lose-lose.

And if it gets out of hand, well, I hate to say it but you can kiss your relationship goodbye.

Instead of letting these thoughts get the best of you, realize that what’s in the past is in the past. It can’t be changed around. So don’t let it ruin what you have presently.

The second kind of conversation to avoid early in a relationship is one about wanting kids.

Sure, there’s an innocent way to go about this, but telling the guy you’re seeing that you want to have children by a certain age or deadline, can be a deal breaker.

Not to mention the pressure it puts on him if that end date is near.

Instead of telling him your big future plans and the topic comes up, simply say “yeah that’s something I can see myself wanting down the road” or “it’s a possibility”.

Really, you don’t have to tell me yes or no at all right now. Instead, keep it vague and roll with it.

The point is to avoid seeming baby-crazy.


Because it will send them running, or even make him question how far you’re willing to go to make that dream happen.

At the same time, if he brings it up and shares all his thoughts and plans regarding children, then feel free to get on board and tell them honestly your feelings towards having kids, and that’s it.

Just be sure not to say anything that is going to make them uncomfortable. The same rule can be applied for discussing marriage early on in the relationship.

All right now, my third and final conversation to avoid in the beginning of a relationship is the dreaded my ex conversation.

Well, it may seem easier to talk about your dating history early on in the relationship before you become too emotionally involved with one another.

Talking about your ex at the start of a new relationship is rarely a good thing. Again, there’s a lose/lose here.

For instance, you either speak of your ex in a high regard and your new man may think that you’re not over your ex, or you bash them say how much of a loser he was and blame him for your demise and again he thinks you’re not over him, or he worries that you’ll speak poorly of him down the road too.

To avoid this from happening, don’t bring up exes.

If for some reason they do come up, keep your comments short and sweet. Don’t make it seem like your past relationships were a huge deal and when possible, change the subject.

If your new man does ask what happened with your last relationship or why it didn’t last simply say that you wanted different things or that you outgrew one another, no further details not yet anyway.

Well, that just about does it, I hope you enjoyed it. And if you want to start learning some amazing psychological techniques that will make men chase you and commit to you then check out my video below…

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