Text Messages to Send Your Ex

Text Messages to Send Your Ex

By Brad Browning
From The Ex Factor Guide

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Why “Text Messages to Send Your Ex”

Today I’ll discuss about some text messages that you can send to your ex to get them thinking about you again, to rebuild some of the attraction and eventually hopefully to get back together with them.

Why is texting such an excellent way means of communication with your ex if you want to get them back?

Well for starters, it allows you time to think in advance you can plan your text message you don’t have to be put on the spot and if your ex responds and you decide another reply is necessary to that response to continue the conversation.

Again, you have time to think about it and to plan your message and think rationally because of course the last thing you want to be doing is talking to your ex in an irrational state, saying things you’re going to regret later that are gonna they’re going to push your ex even further away.

Texting doesn’t convey the same sort of neediness or desperation that phoning or in person visits would convey because you know text message is a very casual, simple you know no more than typically a few sentences so it’s very casual doesn’t convey neediness the same way that other means of communication do.

Also, there’s no pressure for your ex to respond so you know sometimes you don’t really want to be pushing your ex into feeling like they need to respond so that’s another reason why texting is great because it doesn’t put any pressure on your ex.

Now, before I go any further, I have to give you a quick warning here you can’t just send these text messages right now if you’re not prepared.

If you haven’t set the stage, if your ex is not in the appropriate frame of mind, if you haven’t done all the things leading up to the point where you’re ready to send text messages.

Again, don’t send any of these messages until you’ve ready, until you’ve set the stage and done all the things necessary to get your ex to the point where they’ll be receptive to these text messages.

First, let’s talk about kinds of messages that you don’t want to be sending because that’s important as well, I mean not every text message is going to be effective.

In fact, if you send the wrong text message, it’s gonna have the opposite effect, it’s gonna push your ex further away. So, that text typically called ‘Pointless Texts’ like “Hey”, “What’s up?”, “How are you?”

Things where there’s just no sort of interesting or funny or stimulating element to the text message. Don’t send the pointless texts it’s not going to help your cause.

Secondly, anything involving relationship, drama, break-up, anything related to your relationship, don’t mention it just leave it alone.

Your ex doesn’t wanna hear your break-up, they don’t wanna hear about the relationship.

Text messaging should only be for sending fun, interesting things that gonna rebuild your attraction, get your ex thinking about you in a positive way and of course that also means no drama, no anger, no conflict.

Don’t start any arguments, don’t seem depressed, don’t show heartbreak, don’t show any emotions. Just generally only text positive things to your ex if you want them back.

What about the good text, what should you be sending your ex?

There’s a lot of things that you could be texting to your ex to get them thinking about you and stimulate some positive memories about your relationship and your time together.

But I’m going to focus on three specific text messages in this video. The first one is what I call ‘The Shared Memory Text. Again, as I mentioned don’t be sending this or any of the other text I’m going to talk about until your ex is ready and going to be receptive and they’re going to have the effect you’re desiring.

‘The Shared Memory Text’, what is it?

Well, essentially, it’s where you bring up a positive shared memory that you and your ex enjoyed together so for example you might say something like:

“Hey I heard the Foo Fighters are coming to town next week at the Macpherson Playhouse, I know you love the Foo Fighters so I just thought I’d let you know. Hope all’s well!”

Something like that, really simple and that’s just basically bringing up a positive memory that you share together with your ex so they’re going to think about you and associate that positive memory with you.

Now of course you have to apply this to your situation and to your ex but it shouldn’t be too hard to think of something to say.

On to the second text and this is what I call the ‘Question Text’ pretty self-explanatory. Basically, you’re asking a text of your ex to induce a reply and get them to think about you in the same way that the shared memory text does.

What’s an example of a ‘Question Text’? It can’t just be any question, you can’t ask them “Hey, do you like cookies?” Of course, they like cookies.

What kind of a question would you ask? Well ideally something that also references a happy memory.

For example, “Hey, you remember that beach we found last summer, the private cove? Yeah, do you remember which highway exit to take to get there? I want to take a friend there but I don’t remember how to get there.”

Again you’re bringing up a positive memory. You’re also insinuating that you’re going there with a friend who knows a little mystery there maybe it’s a friend of the opposite sex and build a little jealousy what I call covert jealousy. And you’re also asking a question so you’re going to hopefully get a response.

You want make sure you ask the right question, you want your ex to be able to answer it and you want it to be meaningful and relevant so it’s insane you don’t have a place or weird.

‘The Supportive Text’

This is a little different than the previous two I just talked about. In the supportive text, what you want to do is send a message that sort of reminds your ex of something you did during your relationship regularly that your ex really appreciated or was very helpful to them or supportive.

For example, say during your relationship you always helped your ex with study for him or his exams in college.

A text message you might send a supportive text would be “Hey I just remembered that you’ve got that big exam next week. I’m sure you must be really stressed right now but I’m sure you’ll do great. Good luck!”

The goal here is just to send a subtle reminder of one of the positive things you did during your relationship regularly that your ex really enjoyed and appreciated.

You do not want to send any text messages until you’ve taken the proper steps to set the set a stage and build some rapport with your ex.

And at that point when your ex is going to be receptive these will be incredibly powerful and incredibly effective trust me I seem to work hundreds of times.

So if you want to know more on excellent ways on how to get your ex to text you back, then I highly suggest you go check out the free video below. It will give you all the information you need to start winning them back today.

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