How to Talk To Your Ex Again – Establishing Communication With Your Ex

How To Talk To Your Ex Again - Establishing Communication With Your Ex

By Brad Browning
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How to Talk To Your Ex Again – Establishing Communication With Your Ex

How to re-establish communication with your ex?

“What the heck should I say will I get a reply?”, “What if I don’t get a response at all?”

Before I answer those questions, let’s talk about ‘How to Contact Your Ex?’

The easiest least challenging method to contact your ex is via a text message or you know Facebook, Snapchat something like that.

I talked a lot about text messages in my other videos so I won’t go into depth into that and I’ve also included a bunch of sample messages in my Ex Factor Guide program which you can sign up for by the way on my website

Anyway, I won’t go into depth on why texting is such a great way to get in touch with your ex again here in this video.

But suffice to say that generally if you and your ex are at least occasionally in the past have communicated by a text, this is the best method for your first attempt at communication.

Regardless of what contact method you choose whether it’s text message, phone call, Facebook, in-person, telegram, you know messenger, pigeon.

3 things you need to keep in mind at all times:

Rule #1. Stay casual be friendly and talk about fun stuff only.

No serious relationship talks just keep it light-hearted and upbeat at all times.

Rule #2. You should be the one to end a conversation.

Whenever possible, make sure you’re the one to say things like you know say anything, by saying something like “Sorry, I hate to cut this chat short but I really have to run. Meeting some friends, we’ll have to catchup another time. Talk to you soon.”

Rule #3. Try not to reveal your true intentions in this text message are these contacts.

If you seem overly eager at the chance to talk to your ex again or if you’re just far too open with your feelings and does your desire to get back together.

Your ex may put up his or her defenses and shut down the communication and you don’t want that obviously. And you don’t want to ever ask your ex to get back together, you don’t actually want to ask them that.

You need to build the attraction to the point where here she simply wants to be with you again and actually wants to give you a relationship another chance.

With those three things in mind. Let’s chat briefly about phone calls. If you’re planning on calling your ex to get in contact with him or her again then I have to warn you first that you have to be ready for this situation.

It’s easy to blow it when you’re on the phone with your ex but remember that people can tell how needy you are just simply by listening to your voice.

If you’re not in a good state, if you’re still feeling emotional I can promise you it will show. You’ll stutter, you’ll mess up, you’ll sound nervous.

And if you do mess up, you’ll have to start the process all over again from square one so be very careful with that.

Ideally, you should call your ex when at a time you know they won’t pick up. Why would you not want them to pick up the phone call when you call? Well, because you want to get to their voicemail.

I know that sounds a bit weird but you’re going to want to leave a short message on their voicemail first. A simple phone conversation right now will be too much and it can be overwhelming for your ex and chances are they might get a little weirded out.

So, make sure that when you’re calling your ex, it’s likely when it’s likely they’re gonna be at work or when you know that they’re gonna be away from the phone.

But late at night is not good either by the way because you don’t wanna give the impression that this is a you know a drunk dial or a booty call or whatever.

You’ll want to leave a thoughtful voicemail so for example say something like “Hey! Stanley’s Bicycles is having a sale on mountain bikes. I thought you’d like to know because I know you wanted that bike. Anyways, hope all is well!” And that’s it.

Why does this work? Well first of all, you’re making it seem like you want to talk to your ex for a very good reason. You’re not just calling them out of the blue to beg and plead and cry with your life.

You’re actually providing them with real, interesting, valuable things that you’re saying and not only this but what you’re saying is actually quite thoughtful because you put some thought into it and you’re calling for a reason.

Another crucial part of this voice message is that you’re not asking them to return your call, you’re ending the message with something like “Anyways, hope all is well.”

Remember, we’re trying to convey to your ex that you’re completely over the breakup and you’re not going to accomplish that, you’re not going to make them think that you’re over them by asking them to call you back. That makes sense?

Now, if you’ve watched my other videos about texting your ex, you’ll notice that this voicemail I just suggested is identical to one of my recommended text messages.

And that’s absolutely true and you can use any type of similar message as a text as well as a voicemail. Just remember you’re not trying to get back together with your ex on the first message or phone call so just start with a brief, fun and upbeat message or call.

Be calm and cool have fun during the conversation and just enjoy it.

Don’t bring up anything serious, your only goal at this point is to get your ex thinking about you again. Remind them how much fun it is to talk to you and hang out with you and start rebuilding some real attraction again.

That’s all I’ve got time for in this video so I’ll leave it there. But if you’ve got a specific question about your specific situation, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond.

And for more help and information about my comprehensive Ex Factor Guide program,  I highly suggest you go check out the free video below.

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