How To Get Your Ex Back After Months or Years Apart

How To Get Your Ex Back After Months or Years Apart

By Brad Browning
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How To Get Your Ex Back After Months or Years Apart

Are you interested to know how to win back your ex after months or even years apart?

Are you’re trying to rekindle that spark between you and you’re ex, even it has been a while since you broke up?

Let me talk to you about one of the benefits you’ll enjoy because of the months and years of the past that’s your initial breakup.

Do you remember the old saying that “Time heals all wounds.”

Well that’s saying actually is indeed true at least to a certain extent in this situation for you.

Often times the months or years that you’re apart from your ex can help erase some of the negative memories and force your ex to retain more of the positive memories of the relationship and let go of the negative ones.

The time apart can be especially helpful if your relationship ended on bad terms you know with a breakup that involved a whole lot of fighting in terms and cheating or whatever else it is.

The longer that time has passed, the more those feelings will have subsided in your ex’s mind.

While time may not heal all of the negative memories and the hostile feelings that your ex may still harbor especially if your relationship ended due to cheating or any other major events that rock the core of the mutual trust in the relationship.

But it usually does a great job of helping your ex forget about just the generally more negative aspects of the time you shared together. So hopefully that will be an advantage to the fact there’s been a long time passed since your original breakup.

What else is good about the time apart? Well, one or two you may have dated other people since the breakup and that gives you time to reconsider and maybe even appreciate the relationship you had with your ex more having seen experienced life with somebody else.

You’ve also probably missed him or her your ex and similarly your ex also probably missed you at least to some extent it may still be, so that’s the good news.

The bad news unfortunately, is that time can also be your enemy. Depending on how long it’s been since the break-up, it’s always possible that your ex has found someone new and simply just isn’t going to respond to your attempts to reconnect.

While I definitely think there’s often a very good chance of getting your ex back even if it’s been a year or more since the break-up, you need to be prepared for the possibility that things may not ever work out no matter how hard you try.

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Let’s move on and talk about re-establishing contact with your ex.

Depending on how you broke up and who initiated the end of the relationship whether it was you or your ex.

Re-establishing contact may be a bit challenging, if it was you who got dumped, contacting your ex will probably be easier than if it’s the other way around.

Presumably with many months having passed since the breakup it’s unlikely that your ex will question your motives at this point.

You should be able to make a friendly phone call or send a friendly text message to your ex without arousing any suspicion in their mind and making them realize that you want to get back together.

If you’re going to call or message your ex out of the blue though after long periods of not talking very much at all or at all it’s best to have a legitimate reason for sending the message. So, for example ask a question, suggest a movie you think they’d like, etc.

Something along those lines a real reason beyond just reconnecting so they don’t wonder why you’re suddenly wanting to talk with them again just out of the blue one day.

And now, while I’m a big fan of text messages and if you’ve seen my other videos you probably know that but emailing you’re texting your ex isn’t necessarily the best option in this particular scenario.

Ideally, it’s best if you can arrange to run into your ex in a coincidental encounter you know around town wherever it is, where you just happen to bump into each other at the you know the supermarket, the coffee shop, whatever.

But however, you go about it and whatever your chosen strategy a face-to-face meeting or phone call with your ex that’s what you’re looking for.

You need to impart feelings of familiarity again and this is really hard to do electronically so it’s best to build those feelings again by in-person meeting or at the very least phone or video chat.

You want to show your ex the new you so they can see how much you’ve changed for the better since the break-up. You want them to think that you’re really thriving in life and things are going great for you and have been since the break-up.

Few things you should keep in mind all the time if you can, once you arrive at the meeting with your ex:

#1. Try not to be overly nervous

Be casual, trying to act as comment and as cool and collected as possible. Don’t get emotional, I mean you’ve probably had a lot of hard long enough that this won’t be an issue for you now.

But if you are prone to you know tears and emotional outbreaks just do your best to keep these in check while you’re with your ex.

#2. Always keep the conversation light, upbeat and casual

One of your primary objectives here is just to remind your ex why they fell in love with you back in the day.

And that means you just need to show them the lighter more fun side of your personality that they really enjoyed in those early magical phases of your relationship so just always try to have fun and keep the conversation light hearted.

#3. Flirt with your Ex like crazy

Flirting is good especially if things are going well you both have a good time. So, laugh, you know gently touch your ex’s arm, give them a casual you know the joking punch in the shoulder, make eye contact and hold eye contact.

Just generally be flirtatious when you do get a chance to see your ex and hang out with them again.

#4. Bring up some happy shared memories and inside jokes

Doing this will help remind your ex of some of the fun times you had together.

And if things are going really well in the meeting, don’t hesitate to drop some sexual innuendos and possibly reference some of the fun times you had in bed together.

Sexual intimacy is a really important part of any relationship any romantic relationship.

If your ex seems receptive and things are going well this is a good chance to remind them how great your sex life was when you were together, get them thinking about that again.

#5. Aside from happy memories and inside jokes like I just talked about

Leave the past in the past. You don’t want to bring up old drama, you don’t want to remind your ex of the problems that led to your breakup.

So just steer clears these topics completely and instead focus on showing your ex a good time.

#6. Give your Ex the impression that your life is awesome

I’ve already mentioned this earlier but don’t be afraid to talk casually about you know some of the people you’ve dated since the break-up and don’t linger on the topic or go into you know excessive detail.

But also, don’t be afraid to share details about your awesome love life or your busy social schedule whatever just to let your ex know that you’ve changed for the better.

And you need to let them know this not by using words ideally but by showing them, by using actions and demonstrating the new you and if you could do that properly then your ex will just realize subconsciously even that you’ve made some bad mistakes but you’re more mature now and those are in the past.

And finally, Sex.

The goal of your in-person meeting is twofold:

#1: Get that your ex to think about you again and foster some of the nostalgia in the back of their mind

#2: Set the stage for physical romance.

Ultimately, sex and physical contact is what differentiates friendship from romantic relationships. So, it’s important that you are moving towards that eventual goal of physical romance.

It’s tempting just to enjoy your time together and then allow yourself to fall into the friend zone especially if your ex isn’t looking to get back together with you yet.

While you may not be able to bring your ex, you know back to your house that very night and into bed just after one coffee date that should still eventually be your ultimate goal.

Continue to ramp up your flirting, drop more innuendos you know, reference more past sexual, fun times you’ve had with your ex until he or she gets the message and starts to become really receptive to these advances.

And once you finally do win back your ex’s heart, make sure you get things right this time and hopefully if you do get them or you get it right and you know build a more mature healthy relationship you’ll never have to go through another breakup.

Unfortunately I’ve run out of time here in this video but I know there’s a lot of what-if questions, things you may still be wondering and questions that I haven’t answered in the video.

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