How to Get Over A Breakup

How to Get Over A Breakup

By Brad Browning
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How to Get Over A Breakup

If you’re one of  those who wants their ex back or you just want to move on and find someone new, then this is for you.

So, let’s dive into it.

I need to give you a bit of unfortunate news and that’s that all breakups regardless of the circumstances are painful to some degree. There’s really no magic solution or quick fix that will make your heartache disappear you know overnight.

Here are a few things you can do to help suppress the post-breakup emotions and to help you get over your ex as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Accept the reality of your situation.

It’s not helpful or productive to deny the reality that you and your partner are no longer together nor is it going to do any good to try and talk things over with your ex and work it out.

Instead at this point, try to own up to the situation that you’re faced with and just accept that your ex is no longer a focal point of your life.

Accepting that I know can be painful and difficult but now’s the time to let out your emotions and come to grips with life as it stands now that the relationship has ended.

Don’t be afraid to you know do a bit of crying or spend some time alone in the first few days after the breakup especially if it helps you accept the reality of what’s happened.

But you should also do your very best to avoid having these emotional breakdowns while your ex is present or in or around you so you don’t want to break down in front of them.

And in fact, during these early stages it’s not a good idea to speak to your ex at all to be honest.

In particular, you definitely want to avoid begging, pleading, apologizing and generally just trying to talk your way into convincing them to attempt to you know reverse the decision or whether you’re looking for closure whatever it may be.

I don’t recommend talking to your ex for a while after the breakup.

Many people will try in the weeks after the breakup to search for answers. Trying to learn what they did wrong or why their ex decided to end things, which is not the right thing to do especially in the first few days after your breakup.

Instead, you and your ex should go your separate ways for now and you should try to get control of your emotions and accept the reality without looking for answers or asking yourself you know what if, what should I have done differently so you can do that later this is not the time or the early phases after the breakup.

Step 2: Remove all visible reminders of your ex.

There’s nothing worse than being reminded of a painful memory every time you walk into your bedroom or you know enter the house.

Which is why one of the most important things and ways to move on is to remove all visible reminders around your house and just generally out of your life.

So that means take down photos, the love notes, put away the gifts that your ex gave you and just generally store in a you know safe and faraway place any items that might remind you of your past relationship and just leave them there until you’re ready to open it again and to face that.

Eventually you can like I said open them up but only after you’re fully moved on. Right now, you just don’t want to be reminded of your ex at all so anything that could possibly remind you of them should be out of sight.

You should also make sure that you hide or mute your ex’s status updates on you know social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. that will make sure you’re not reminded of your ex every time you log in and look at your newsfeed.

You don’t want see what he or she is up to every time you log on to Facebook and I don’t actually recommend deleting or blocking ex completely, it’s usually enough just to hide their status updates and their posts from your newsfeed and then you don’t have to see those every time you log in.

And if you’re really struggling with self-control and you can’t seem to stop yourself from texting or calling your ex, I also recommend writing down your ex’s phone number on a piece of paper and giving it to a friend and then just deleting it from your phone completely.

You don’t need to contact your ex right now like I said and deleting your ex’s info contact info from your contacts list is a really good way to make sure that you don’t do something dumb send them message you’re going to regret and so on.

Step 3: Stay busy and keep yourself occupied at all times.

If you sit around the house doing nothing, you’re giving yourself a chance to think things over and bring you know undue heartache upon yourself.

It’s best just to keep busy with work, school, hobbies, any other activities basically that you can keep your attention focused on and basically keep your mind off your ex.

So just stay busy you know even if it’s just watching your favorite TV show, playing video games, take your mind off the break-up and whatever you need to do just stay busy so you’re not thinking about it all the time.

You should also lean on your friends and family at this point. Try to avoid being alone whenever you can. You don’t want to be you know have alone time to sit around and think about your ex.

Go out with friends, spend time with your family even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing just go out and do it trust me when I say that being social and just getting out there with your friends and your family is one of the best and most effective ways of getting over the break-up.

It’s also important during all this that you continue to maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Scientists have proven that vigorous exercise produces those feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine in your brain.

So basically, you know any intense workout 30 to 60 minutes a couple times a week can help you avoid depression and generally feel better about life so just maintain healthy exercise, healthy eating habits and just take care of yourself so you don’t add any extra stresses on your body or your mind.

All of those things will help speed up the process and minimize your heartache but I should also mention that the best way to recover from a breakup is to find someone new.

Now I realize at this point, you’re probably not really interested in going out on dates and you know going out and meeting members of the opposite sex.

But if you could force yourself to just get out there and start dating again, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor and you’ll find that the break-up emotions completely disappear once you find a new guy or girl to replace your ex, I promise that will happen which it always does.

So as soon as you can stomach it get out there and start meeting people and going on dates even if it’s not really what you feel like doing.

Online dating is a great way to start so you know consider signing up for a few free dating sites as soon as you’re ready and just start meeting people and get out there.

Now if you do happen to talk with your ex, either on purpose or as a result of an accidental encounter, try to stay positive and keep things cordial.

You know even if your breakup was nasty and you hate your ex’s guts starting a fight or being mean to them and trying to get even it’s just not going to help you feel any better and it usually leads to quite frankly more problems than then solutions and just generally drags out your recovery process.

I recommend ignoring your ex completely and avoiding any non-essential contact with him or her until you’re fully over the breakup.

And finally, if you find yourself struggling with depression and heartache even after you’ve done all the things I’ve talked about, try to remember that every day that passes is another step towards a full recovery.

You may not feel any better today than you did a week ago but I can promise that in a month or two you’ll look back and realize that each day you spent a little bit less time thinking about your ex and sooner than later you’ll be back to normal and completely over your ex.

If you found helpful and if you want more advice on recovering from your breakup or winning back your ex’s heart, I strongly suggest to check out the free video below.

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