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From the desk of Mirabelle Summers
February 01, 2024

Dear Friend,


If I could grant you three wishes, what would they be?

  • confidence in approaching men and understanding what sparks attraction
  • better health and wellbeing to maximize the physical attributes you have
  • power and presence in attracting the right man and developing a fulfulling relationship that lasts

Now what if I was to tell you I could offer you a course that helps you grant all three wishes?


Success with understanding what men want and how to attract the right man is an elusive skill that evades most women, and is a common issue shared by both young, single women as well as those re-entering the dating scene. When it applies to identifying quality men, you know what you want and what you like, but when it comes to actually attracting them it seems to bring limited success, or worse, it attracts the attention of the completely wrong kind of men!


Many so-called experts and dating divas will share with you the technique that works for them, each selling their method as the magic bullet: the ONE essential skill you need to master your success with men. But all too often what it really ends up being is just another piece in the puzzle!


You need an attraction method that works for YOU, all the way from start to finish. This means closing on a boyfriend and hopefully a relationship, not just another one-night stand.


The flaw in so many women's methodology is that they're led to believe it's just ONE thing, one secret, one new skill that will guarantee their success with men. But you know life and love is seldom that simple.


Here's a revelation: Men are just as complex beings as women. They can see through the routine you are putting on. Chances are if you feel awkward using a pickup routine, or pretending to be someone else to get his attention, he can sense it too.


It's about much more than the 'look' or the 'body language.' Guys want the WHOLE package, a woman that not only has the SKILLS, but the CONFIDENCE, ATTITUDE and the CHARM to back it up.


And as far as most men know... attraction just happens. They can't explain it. But when they see the whole package, sparks fly!


The great news for you is that I'm about to show you HOW to make the WHOLE package of attraction happen, so that you can spark attraction with virtually any guy that you meet, and back it up with natural confidence, attitude, charm, and personality.


This web page is going to change the way you think about yourself and men, so make sure that you print out and read every word. it's that important.


Firstly, I have a few questions to ask. Have you ever had any of these things happen to you?

  • You wished you were someone else in order to become more attractive to men.

  • You've finished a conversation knowing you didn't really say what you needed to, and left him with a poor first impression.

  • You really like men but usually end up being their friend rather than their lover.

  • You wish you had a social circle and social skills to impress a man and show him you are his equal.

  • You're confused about attraction and what men truly want in a woman. (Do they want to marry the nice girl? Do they want the bitch? Do they want the bimbo? Do they even know what they want?)

  • You've found yourself in a relationship where the love and attraction is slipping away, but you don't know what to do to fix it.

These kinds of situations are everyday occurences that hinder women from achieving their true potential with men, but salvation is at hand...


I'm going to show you how a complete attraction transformation is possible, using a combination of methods:

  1. Explanation of approach, empowering attitude, and seduction instruction. Read closely as me and members of my team share their insights into developing authenticity, loving your own life, developing authentic conversation and seduction, and projecting inegrity into your approach to men.

  2. Healthy lifestyle tips, including dispelling myths about fats, carbohydrates, calorie intake, and how to get the best out of your body through effective exercise technique to deliver a killer figure and super confidence that really turns his head!

  3. Relationship maintenance with key tips and techniques to foster open, positive communication as well as effective handling of any situation that challenges your relationship.

  4. Interviews with dating experts that share their special insights and strategies to help you stay focused on your attraction goals and stay ahead of your competition!

  5. Plus specific intimacy issues answered, so that you can guarantee your behind-closed-doors antics are remembered for all the right reasons!

Can you spare a few minutes to discover how you can achieve success like the thousands of women who have applied our secrets before you? Will you be next?


Great! Sit back and get comfortable and read the rest of this webpage. Your approach to attraction is about to change forever...


...You're probably wondering now, 'What makes the Meet Your Sweet Team such experts?'


I'm part of a team of talented writers, researchers, and dating and relationships experts. The Meet Your Sweet Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series is a collection of the wisdom and works of some of the internet's top dating heavyweights, including authors Mirabelle Summers, Slade Shaw, Amy Waterman, James Bradley, Andrew Rusbatch, plus many more. And in addition to the written material in this course, Amy Waterman has interviewed and picked some of the internet's most prolific minds in each monthly issue, part of her commitment to delivering you the ultimate attraction transformation.


You have every reason to trust your attraction transformation is in good hands. Best-selling publications created and written by members of the Ultimate Attraction Transformation team include:

  • Get a Guy Guide
  • Fireworks With Females
  • 2nd Chance
  • Conversation Chemistry
  • Connect and Commit
  • Supreme Self Confidence
  • How to Be Irresistible to Men
  • How to Be Irresistible to Women
  • Save My Marriage Today
  • Make Every Man Want You More
  • Seduction Genie

You have the benefit of the combined wisdom of a formidable collection of experts in their field, plus exclusive audio interviews with dating divas and gurus the world over, all committed to one goal: helping you achieve your personal and attraction transformation!

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  • Learn why feeling socially confident will increase your appeal to the opposite sex by leaps and bounds.... and how to become confident in these situations
  • Get a valuable insight into how the mind of the opposite sex actually works...... why the behavior that impresses you won't necessarily have them begging for more
  • Read about vital factors of building a healthy relationship
  • Learn how to fascinate the person you have in your sights..... so you can have them chasing you!!!

There's so much fantastic information in my mini-course that everyone is asking me how I can be giving this away for free! Let me tell you, even if you've read everything out there on relationships (like I have!), you'll STILL be astounded at these valuable insights.

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It doesn't matter if you want a few tips or a complete rethink about your approach to attraction, it's never too late to develop the effortless success with attracting the right man and relationship you have always wanted.


Being part of a team that has written a host of best-selling dating and relationships ebooks, we have enjoyed hearing success stories from the many members who have purchased our books and gone on to achieve great things in their love lives. But I have often wondered if they have ENOUGH knowledge and attraction skills to adapt and react to ANY and EVERY attraction situation presented to them.


After all, it's great to achieve success in ONE field or aspect of attracting quality men and developing a relationship, but have you considered the power of having a complete knowledge and skills-base to call upon in ANY and EVERY attraction situation?


This planted a seed in our minds and over a number of months we explored options to more fully support and assist women on their journey to greater understanding of what it takes to achieve ultimate attraction. It was at that point we discovered that women, just like you, need more than just one ebook to help them achieve all their attraction goals. What you need is your own personal success coach, wing-girl, or guide to offer you tips, techniques, strategy, and ideas, as you evolve from an 'amateur' to an 'accomplished' attraction diva!


In the absence of us physically accompanying you, we discovered that gals like you need a monthly publication, giving you the benefit of our combined wisdom in easily digestible chunks on your journey to attraction transformation.


We had hours of team discussions over many months, sharing and exchanging ideas and strategy. We identified where each of our writers' strengths were and those became each person's special area of focus. We spent a lot of time calculating what YOU needed to know and at what step of the journey you needed to focus on each part.


The result is the next generation of dating advice, powerfully bound into a 12-issue monthly course like no other.


In the same way it took most of a year to create and assemble the many parts and features of this series, the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series will guide you through a year's journey in learning, applying, and mastering each of the powerful steps and concepts associated with understanding and attracting the right man for you, so that you can truly say you have had an Ultimate Attraction Transformation.


If you want to truly understand attraction in a way that you never have before, you need to know that it's about much more than just ONE witty opener or routine, ONE affirmation, ONE part of your body, or ONE aspect of your character. It's about you actually being the COMPLETE PACKAGE, an empowered woman of integrity and a skilled seductress, who understands attraction is about more than just looks, attitude, or intellect. It's about being ALL THREE.


No matter if you are 26 or 62, we have created a course that is going to change your life, starting today, with the first of 12 life-changing issues. It's never too late to see the big picture and truly transform yourself into the skilled seductress you want to be.

And here's the REALLY WILD part...


Every woman you speak to has an area of attraction that they wish they were better at. Now we have a series that can take every woman by the hand and deliver her a personal and attraction transformation that will take her far beyond what she could have imagined.


I'm talking more than just one piece of the puzzle. I'm talking about lifting your game in every area of your life. An ULTIMATE ATTRACTION TRANSFORMATION. If your issue is:

  • Approach anxiety
  • Conversation skills
  • Dating tips
  • Understanding men and what they want
  • Relationship management and how to create a fulfilling relationship
  • Healthy eating
  • Body toning and exercise
  • Sex tips
  • Social skills and creating opportunities to meet people
  • Seduction and romance
  • Overcoming insecurities
  • Understanding the power of your feminine self
  • Developing an effortless attraction mindset
  • Communication in relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creating passion that lasts

...we have the secret to your success. If you need a step up in any of these areas, THIS is the series that is going to take you there.


We are going to guide you, coach you, motivate you, and support you every step of the way through our monthly issues so that you can maximize your attraction transformation and reach each goal along your journey.


And that's the most potent benefit of being part of a series, part of a community of motivated women. We aren't going to just give you one book to read and leave YOU to do the rest. We are going to push you each month to take the next bold step towards your Ultimate Attraction Transformation goal.


Don't get left behind!



I Want To Secure My Special Offer of Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series Right Now!

Order the First Issue of Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series Instant Download for just $27


I've seen in REAL LIFE how just SOME of these secrets and concepts have delivered powerful results to the women that have tried them. I know this stuff works, because it has been tested in bars, clubs, parties, and social situations the world over...


... and MOST IMPORTANTLY, because each ONE of the strategies and approaches outlined in this series is guaranteed to give you successful results with attracting men, ALL THESE CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES COMBINED will make you into a veritable powerhouse of Ultimate Attraction Transformation skills.


Not just one piece of the puzzle. You get the WHOLE PICTURE.


Does this prospect excite you? It should, because...


...You're about to discover powerful keys to understanding men and developing an awareness of attraction skills that most women will NEVER learn. Here is a sample of what is inside the first issue of 'Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series':

  Check out our crucial insights into making authenticity work for your dating life. Take down our three-step formula for making "just being yourself" WORK for you and your relationship!
  Re-translate your inner mind messages and apply our keys to creating a blissful relationship! We show steps to help you challenge your mental mindset that acts as an obstacle to you getting what you truly deserve!
  Dating diva and life coach Marie Forleo answers all your dating questions with her trademark, no B.S approach and teaches how to get him by being just you!
  Get our 'smart food' secrets! Mirabell shares her time-tested secrets to increasing energy and nourishing your body and spirit. This is a must-read for anyone serious about their inner game.
  Key strategies for inviting the RIGHT man for the REAL you into your life. You may be sabotaging your success without even realizing it!
  Discover tips to better and more meaningful sex by taking control of your own sexual experience. Meet Your Sweet's answer to Tracey Cox provides foolproof ways to make sex more meaningful and fun... for both of you!
  Pursue men without looking scary and desperate! We show you ways to get the man you want in a way that's both attractive and authentic. It's simple once you discover how to seduce safely using our explosive insights!
  Overcome insecurities around men using our 4-steps to empowerment success! Go from shy and shallow to self-respecting and self-assured using our mental mastery tips.
  Get inside a man's mind. We get you the nitty-gritty on male psychology and what he's REALLY thinking.

And that's not all!


I've left no stone unturned in answering the big questions POINT-BLANK about men. If you want to completely reshape your success and happiness... from the ground floor up and get what it takes to truly be unstoppably attractive in ALL situations around guys, this issue is your crucial first step forward!


Here's what else you're going to learn in upcoming issues...

  Myth-busting the 'commitment-phobe.' We expose why commitment will never be an issue once you apply our explosive attraction affirmations!
  Steal our three simple prerequisites for the relationship of your dreams. Using our simple guide to getting what you want, you can call off the chase and have them come to you!
  The one crucial ingredient that men are looking for in your appearance. It's not what you think, and it's an essential step forward in making the right first impression!
  Side-step the calorie counter or avoiding food groups by applying Mirabelle's magic method to a better body. Read carefully as we outline ways to monitor your diet and pay attention to your body's messages in this gut-busting guide!
  Supersize your relationship's future potential by using our three steps to rewarding relationships. Once you have mastered these key strategies, you will guarantee retaining the right man!
  How do you know he's 'right for you'? Take the compatibility test by answering our life-changing list of values-based questions. The answers may stagger you!
  A simple yet powerful trick that will smooth the path of ANY serious relationship. In fact, you could be pushing him away with your unconscious calls to commitment - find out what those are and how to make it stop!
  How to make 'the fairytale' happen for you. Relationship management techniques that solve your most troublesome conflicts NOW!
  Walking in his shoes: how to avoid the five topmost 'sins' that women commit that drive men away in the first few dates. A priceless self-check to guarantee that your best intentions on dates aren't cut short through misinterpretation!
  Celebrate your individuality through educating yourself on the different body types. Find out what they are, and where you fit in the scale of your body's specific requirements and what it responds best to!
  Remove your roadblocks to relationship mastery by applying our three-step mastery method. If you really want your relationship to go the distance, it's imperative that you apply this method carefully!
  The real deal with 'singleton syndrome': why some men just don't want to stop dating (and what to do if you are with one of those men!)
  Why being a saint is putting the brakes on your love life. Listen in as we share how a touch of the inner 'bad girl' can be downright sexy. It's a fine line to tread but we lead you there step by step in this unmissable article!
  How 'NO' can translate into 'I'm the woman of your dreams!' - why boundaries in your approach to men can make you a more fascinating person.
  The difference between 'sexy' and 'skanky': how do your clothing choices affect your relationships with men? Find out what he sees and thinks!
  The 'ordinary guy off the street' shares exactly what real men think of real women (it's a whole different kettle of fish, girls - this one's going to knock your socks off!)
  How to handle imbalances in the bedroom: what if your libido outstrips his? We show you what to do in a way that protects the feelings of both him and you!
  Understand what makes men want to approach you - exactly how to make yourself more irresistible than steak, beer, short skirts and fast cars rolled into one... and without ever losing touch of the 'real you.'
  Create your best body ever! - including explosive information on why eating fat doesn't make you fat (bring on the cheeseburgers!)
  Are you a 'slut' or a 'siren'? Get the real deal on what guys really think when you slide between the sheets for the first time!
  How to find the 'golden mean' of attraction with men by following our top 6 tips for embracing classiness and avoiding the 'too available' tag.


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I didn't want to leave any stone unturned in making sure that you get the absolute best and most powerful information about attracting and giving yourself the best possible chance of attracting the man of your dreams.

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How Much Does This Instant Download Series Cost?

Before mentioning the price, I'd like to remind you that my book has been specifically designed to teach you how to:

  • spark any quality man's attention and attraction
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  • create attraction and chemistry with men you never thought you could get
  • be the woman that EVERY man wants
  • demonstrate quickly that you are authentic - no wallflower or dummy!
  • approach men and start confident conversations that actually get results
  • improve your self image and figure for dating success, and enjoy lasting health benefits
  • develop relationship skills that can meet any challenge you face as a couple
  • uncover secrets to creating passion that lasts - no matter how long you are together

Now I want you to think about how much it is really worth to you to transform your attraction skills and get you the guy of your dreams.


How much is it worth to you to not only to get the attention of the right man, but to also keep his attention and hold on to them in a relationship as long as you want?


And once you are achieving effortless success with attracting and keeping men, how much is it worth to you for that relationship to be given the maximum possible chance of success, without making the common mistakes that you may have been vulnerable to before?


That's a lot of important things to put a price on, but I'm serious... how much is it worth?






I don't think that is an exaggeration. You can't really put a price on how your love life turns out. That said, the team of expert authors at Meet Your Sweet have put our whole hearts into this series and we really want as many women like you as possible to have it and gain the immense success with men from it that I know you will!


With that in mind, I've decided to make the instantly downloadable Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series available, the one that we've poured our hearts and soul into writing and recording, at an affordable price of only $27 per issue!


I'm sure you'll agree that is peanuts compared to the incredible value that I'm providing you in my series.


But, how can you be certain that my course will live up to your expectations? I hate to say it, but there is a lot of over-hyped crap out there on the internet. With that in mind, I've decided to offer you...

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

You're probably wondering... What's specifically is a 100% money back guarantee?


I'm allowing you full download access to "Ultimate

Attraction Transformation Series" and if you don't like it, you can get your money back.


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You can go through the entire product, evaluate it and if you don't like it, you have up to 60 days from your date of purchase to get a full refund.


That means that if you don't like the product for any reason, you can email us and we will give your money back.


That's how confident I am in what I have to offer you. I'm sure that once you read and start implementing what I have to offer you, it'll be so beneficial to you and your dating/relationship life that you'll be glad to pay $27 for it.


PLUS, even after you are billed your $27, you still have up to 60 days to gain a full refund from us if you are dissatisfied for any reason.


So there you have it, go get your instant access right now!...


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I really want to make sure that you are getting the best possible value for your money. So I'm also throwing in an amazing SUPER BONUS...


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Super Bonus #1:

Ultimate Attraction Series Sealed Section - Getting Physical: Tips for Gals

sealed section - attract menAlways wanted to know why men find women attractive? Could they be programmed that way?

Have secret questions you are too embarrassed to ask your friends?


Online seductress Amy Waterman tells all in this no-holds-barred exclusive where you can read and learn the fundamentals of how sexual attraction works, why men are programmed to find women attractive, plus 3 must-have sex tips to get you (and him) in the mood!


Get answers and tips to those questions you have always wanted to ask, courtesy of Meet Your Sweet's answer to Tracey Cox. This inaugural issue of "Getting Physical - Tips For Gals," a regular Ultimate Attraction Series feature each month, is a must-read for all gals who are serious about turning up the heat!


5 Good Reasons to Buy Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series Right Now:

Within a few minutes from now, you can gain instant download access and start rethinking your attraction strategies right now! Inside the first issue of the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series you'll receive a comprehensive 66 pages of tips and techniques, PLUS exclusive audio interviews, PLUS bonus sealed section, about how to approach, meet, seduce, and build long-lasting attraction with men. No need to risk further heartache and frustration through making uninformed decisions. Just follow the tips and techniques and start transforming your seduction game immediately.
Join the thousands of other women who have experienced success with Meet Your Sweet to rethink what works with attracting quality men and developing long-lasting relationships. Now you have the opportunity to be one of the first few to begin this 12-month course.
From all my years of research studying human behavior I've learnt one important thing: If you don't make the decision to take action and get this area of your life sorted out right now, there's a very very small chance that you'll do anything about it in the future... do you really want to leave your chance of future happiness to chance? Do you really want to let your chances of attracting 'Mr Right' slip through your grasp? You owe it to yourself to make informed decisions and to give your love life the best possible chance of long term success.
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Thank you so much for your time.


If you learn and apply the methods in my series, listen to the advice in the audio interviews and utilize the information shared in the bonus sealed section, then I have no doubt that this will give you the maximum possible chance of transforming your attraction success with men! And you'll become a better, more fulfilled person in the process.


I can't wait to hear your success story and hope that you'll tell others about my series after you experience profound results!


Your friend,

Mirabelle Summers

mirabelle summers

Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series

P.S. In my experience, very few people choose to take action on something when they don't act on it right away. With that in mind, if you don't take action right now, will you be experiencing the benefits of an attraction transformation 6 months from now? A year? Will you truly grow from this opportunity and run with it, or will this decision haunt you in the future?


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