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The Vital Secrets to Building a Healthy Relationship


Here are just a few of the many success letters that we receive every day:

Dear Slade,

I have to tell you that the emails you send me each day are amazing. It's like you are speaking to me directly and helping me truly understand what a woman wants from a guy. I used to think that being the nice guy all the time would allow her to lower her guard so I could get her trust, but have found that most women only want to be friends.

I've applied some of your tips and must admit that much of what you say has already made a difference. Already I'm meeting some hot women who are starting to see me as something more than a friend. I even have a couple of dates lined up for next week!

Wish me luck.

-- Robert

Dear Slade,

I have read information from dating gurus and PUAs but your emails are one of a kind. I can see you are passionate about what you teach and best of all, it's done in a way that doesn't sacrifice my dignity or honor.

You are the man! Keep it rockin'.

-- Garfield D.

Dude, your stuff is the kick in the pants I really needed. Thanks for showing me the way to get out of the victim mindset, thinking no girl will ever be interested in me. I have followed your information for a few months now, and my self belief and success with women has gone through the roof! It's forever changed the way I think about myself and women. Your advice is magic!

Your faithful student,

- Kenny T.

It is refreshing to see someone who understands the deeper psychology behind relationships. Girls naturally think on this level while guys have no clue, and can owe a never-ending debt of gratitude to you guys who have assembled the female psche into written form. However, it is more than the female psyche; it is the transformation into an individual who is on the road to developing a greater understanding of who they are as a person overall.

For those who need this advice to progress, I'll speak on their behalf in saying thank you for issuing such intelligent information that not only alters how I approach women, but beyond, as information that unknowingly changes lives forever.

- Randy D.

Hello Slade,

I don't know if you'll get or read this email, but I just wanted to mention that I think this most recent article, and the other articles you've sent, are 100% right 'on the mark'. And I mean from start to finish. I've read a bunch of books on this subject from the very best authors since being divorced after 8 years of marriage and 'run through the mill' by the divorce system here in the U.S. Some of those books were excellent but none offered better advice and ideas than your articles. This is a high compliment as I am not in the habit of writing to authors and specialists. Anyone, and I mean anyone, could benefit by reading your articles and following your advice to a "T".

Thanks, and please keep up the great work!

- Jim Rezek Jr.

Thanks mate for your tips. I really think your course is a breakthrough for guys like me who want to know what works with women, and what doesn't. With all the misinformation out there, it's reassuring to know that guys like you can share your knowledge with average Joe's like me.

Thanks. Keep them coming.

- John M.


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