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How Dating and Attraction REALLY Work for the opposite sex!
How the Mind of the Opposite Sex Works ... and How to Use This Knowledge to Your Advantage! (Hint: The behavior that impresses you won't necessarily have men begging for more)
Discover The MOST IMPORTANT Secret to Making Someone Attracted to You
The 3 Principles of Successful Dating
The Facts about Flirting and how to be Perceived as Fascinating
The Vital Secrets to Building a Healthy Relationship


Here are just a few of the many success letters that we receive every day:

Dear Mirabelle,

I've decided to tell you how wonderful you are and how helpful your newsletter is! Not long ago my head was full of negative thoughts, like: "no man will ever love me because I am blind". I spent days pitying myself and thinking of this unkind and unfair world. I knew that something must be done and tried to "improve" myself, tried to become someone that was not me
(like, I tried to be active and communicative in a big company, when I simply do not like crowds of people and prefer one-on-one meetings).

You were (are and will be) of great help for me. Your words are so sound and simple to imply! Now I feel just the other way round. I enjoy every day of my life and everything that happens to me. I beam with positivity and feel that it makes me attractive. I accept myself the way I am and I'm quite happy.

You helped me to analyse my mistakes with men and, hopefully, I will never make them again. Communications with men stopped being a "chase for a husband" for me and became fun. I simply enjoy being around the men I like and it seems they feel the same!

Thank you so much for changing my life!

From Russia with love,

Your friend,

-- Tanya

Dear Mirabelle,

I absololutely love love love your newsletters and cant wait to open my inbox to see if there is some more fantastic advice that you guys are discussing.

-- Sarah G.

Dear Mirabelle,

Thanks to you I am now in the relationship of my dreams with a man that I love! I owe you my heartfelt thanks and keep up the great work that you do, I love learning from you.

- Paula M.

Thank you very much for that insight in your last newsletter, about what men dont like. It applies to many women me inclusive. While I was reading it, I realised that many of the mistakes are common and done unconsciously. Thank you for that help. I hope i never make these mistakes again.

- Zamzam N.

Mirabelle what a fantastic guide you've written, full of common sense and the sort of information id wish id had at my fingertips 20 years ago. i realised id made every single one of the mistakes you write about, and have more or less gleaned what to do through trial and error. youre book should be made available to every female pupil in high schools all over the world! the info is that important! carry on with the good work, i shall certainly put your advice into action and once again thank you! love from sharon from liverpool, england. ps feel free to publish my email as a testimonial

- Sharon

Mirabelle, you've made such a difference in me and in my life. You have inspired me to not only become more desirable to men, but to meet the man of my dreams. Through this, I now live a much greater and fulfilled life. Everything seems to be going right for me and the turning point was coming across you and your advice. I love reading everything you have to say as it makes a great difference to me and my life.

- Theresa G.

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